INTERVIEW: I Was Fired From Government Job For Having A Concealed Carry Permit

Storm Durham tells Big League Politics in an exclusive interview that she was fired from the Virginia Department of Social Services for possessing a concealed carry permit.

“Yesterday my supervisor came and got me out of my office, and asked me to come into our associate director’s office,” Durham told BLP. “There were 3 police officers. The 3 police officers stood outside the office while they told me I was being dismissed from the agency.”

“They said it was a safety factor. She [my supervisor] said you’re a safety risk to our building due to having a concealed carry permit,” Durham said.

“I said, my gun has never even been on the property. She said how do I know that?. I said, search me!” Durham said.

“So then I told them this is discrimination why are you treating me like a criminal?. I said can I go to the bathroom, they said no that’s a safety concern.”

The officers brought Durham to her office and she got her belongings.

How did Durham think the supervisor found out about the concealed carry permit?

“About 2 months ago, my supervisor called me in and said do you feel safe in your home? I said, of course. My boyfriend has no criminal record or anything. He said well we found out there are guns in your home. I said And? What’s the correlation? I said there have always been guns in my home since I was a little kid!”

Durham thinks her firing violated the law.

“I think it’s definitely illegal,” she said.

Durham noted other small details the agency put in writing — such as saying that she missed work due to a concussion and a broken leg, but she had doctor’s notes for those absences and she said they were excused. She also said the department faulted her dress code “because I wore loafers to training one day.”


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