INTERVIEW: House Candidate Bruce LeVell: Steve Bannon Is My ‘Buddy,’ Negative Stories Are ‘Pure Garbage’

Steve Bannon and Bruce LeVell

Georgia Sixth District congressional candidate Bruce LeVell is gunning to help President Donald Trump and Steve Bannon by winning his House seat on Tuesday. LeVell is one of eighteen candidates on the ballot to replace Republican Tom Price, who joined the Trump administration. It is unlikely that any one candidate will win a majority of the vote, so the top two vote-getters will make it into a runoff. Anti-Trump Democratic fundraising machine Jon Ossoff, a 30-year old media darling, is leading the polls.

“If there was another candidate who could help the president, I might not have gotten in,” LeVell tells Big League Politics on the eve of the historic vote. “But there’s not.”

LeVell, a jewelry business owner and head of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, said that he’s in the race to help Trump pass his proposed trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and to help the president out on tax reform, too. He recently visited the White House to meet with Trump and Bannon.

“I was at the White House last week. The president said, You’re a winner no matter what. It’s interesting the way he said that.”

“Steve is cool as ice,” LeVell says of Bannon. “I hear all this stuff, ‘Steve is being pushed out.’ That’s garbage. Pure garbage. Steve is the man. I remember when he went up against that anti-Semitic stuff. I’m like, that’s my buddy, man. Don’t you dare do that. His office [at the White House] has a lot of workers, busy bees. It felt like good camaraderie. The president was still himself. I talked to Spicer. He’s gotten the toughest job on the planet.”

“I’m going to help Steve no matter what. I mean that. Unconditionally,” LeVell said.

As for the political establishment propped up by special interest money?

“I hope to burn it down.”

“The National Diversity Coalition for Trump, we’re still up and running. We’re still growing. We are the life support for the GOP. Without us, the GOP will not survive and sustain itself, period. If you don’t have more people that look like me, you’re not going to survive as a party. Minority turnout has been dismal. Trump saved it,” said LeVell, who was a black surrogate for Trump before that was cool.

LeVell said that he doesn’t trust the polls in his race.

“After President Trump and from here on out, this is not a traditional playbook. During the election, the general, with Hillary and President Trump, I kept saying over and over and over you can’t gauge this race on traditional polling. My signs are coming up missing. I spent more money replacing signs…this is what happens to Trump supporters. We are still a silent majority.”

“I raised seventy something thousand something dollars, and that money is all pure.  I’m fourth out of eleven Republicans in fundraising…Bob Grey puts a half million in it, one guy put in two million dollars of their money. Why would you put in that money to buy a congressional seat? John Ossoff said at a forum that one of his big issues is campaign reform, and I turned to him and said, then you need to give back the special interest money.”

“I think President Trump has set a bar as to the down-balloting of State House seats, and not get in bed with these people, it is so dangerous. The tax cut is going to be the most barroom brawl, brass-knuckle fight. The tax cut proposal is going to be a bloodbath. Because there’s too much tied to the umbilical cord, with the special interests and congressmen and senators,” LeVell said. “Democrats AND Republicans. They’re both married to this poison that has poisoned our Republic.”

LeVell fought for Trump as a national delegate all the way through, even when other Republicans sat on the sidelines hoping for a Hillary Clinton win.

“A majority of the Republicans — except for Amy Kremer — were not with the president, and I even had to pull teeth when Trump was the nominee, especially when I was a national delegate. Finally, we’ve got our nominee. But a lot of our fellow Republicans, a lot of our constitutional officers sat on their hands between the convention and November 8, wouldn’t tweet, wouldn’t do anything. The president needs somebody to be a champion, somebody to help him.”

“Transportation is kind of my wheelhouse, especially with Atlanta having the most crowded corridor. I could help the president with his trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. I could be a real heavy lift for the Sixth, and of course for Transportation.”

“Of course” I think I’m going to win, LeVell said. “I don’t get in to lose.”

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