INTERVIEW: How Illegal Immigration Creates Problems For The Black Community and ‘All Americans’

Big League Politics spoke with Quentin Kramer, Managing Director for American Border Foundation, to discuss who is hurt most by illegal immigration.

Kramer explains how illegal immigration affects the black community in America:

“Sanctuary city policies affect city blacks who find their neighborhoods filling with people who shouldn’t be there, collecting public benefits in many cases and consuming public services they shouldn’t be in every case. They are creating competition for jobs with young black men and women who are entering the workforce, when it was hard enough already.”

American Border Foundation in efforts with Black Women Walk, representation by FundTheWall, and “Angel Mothers“, will be hosting a press conference this Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The conference is set to discuss “efforts to bring attention to the realities of border life for everyday Americans and the frustrations of their volunteers and participants at the lack of action by Congress…”

Kramer states the reasoning and goal for the national press conference.

“Americans of all shapes, sizes and colors agree that a secure nation starts with secure borders and it’s time to show a united front to the world. Every day we don’t secure our nation costs us millions of dollars – and that’s in the costs we can count.”

“[The goal is] so everyday Americans don’t have to worry about what’s coming over the border on a daily basis. To help make sure America never has to hear about another new Angel Family ever again.”

“We hope people agree that national security is everyone’s security and border security is national security. A secure border is secure for ALL Americans, not just the ones at the border – even though they are definitely hit hard. We’ve all seen how our country’s towns are begin decimated by opioids and gang violence,” Kramer states.

Kramer indicates that it is time to “put the people of America first” by “controlling what comes in through our border”.  Once the border is secured, “then the country can really begin to repair itself from the inside out.”

The national press conference will discuss the making of a documentary by the American Border Foundation, set to expose conditions at the border.

“Most talk of the border comes from the perspective of either the asylum seeker/economic migrant coming from the south or the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) agent who is defending the border. Very few reports seem to consider the plight of Americans living and working directly at the border. These mothers [Angel Mothers who visited the border previously] braved going down there to see for themselves and were so aghast at the conditions they were compelled to make sure everyone knew what these people are up against because Congress refuses to act on their – and all of our – behalves.”

“One of the areas we want to explore with this documentary is the uncountable cost of the impacts on people’s lives at the border. How can you quantify the value of people impacted by human trafficking and drugs and gang violence and crime, most of it being done by non-citizens who shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Kramer encourages supporters of the wall:

“Visit and check out the information about how to volunteer and what sorts of things volunteers can do… Americans donated over $410B to charity in 2017, getting to $5B is literally a drop in the bucket if we can just get the word out.”

Big League Politics will have more on the crowdfunding efforts to build the wall from the national press conference on Thursday.

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