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INTERVIEW: Ricky Rebel Says He Supports Trump Because He Likes Work



Sunday, Big League Politics talked to a supporter of President Donald J. Trump,  who has toured the music scene with names like Britney Spears and has performed with Madonna, 90 degrees and No Authority, and says he was discovered by Michael Jackson.

“People assumed that because I am in the LGBTQ community that I would be a Democrat.  I am a Centrist.  Sometimes I go left and sometimes I go right, and it is disturbing that the left can not accept that about me,” said Ricky Godinez, who goes by the name “Ricky Rebel”.

“The left is so radical now that they are Communists.  They tell me I have to hide who I am and hide my support of President Tump, and that makes me feel like when I was a little boy and couldn’t come about being gay,” he said.

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“I can’t live like that,” he said. “I have to be authentic.”

“I have lost friends and my manager over my support of Trump, but I can not hide who I am. I am a Free Market guy.  I care about taxes. I care about Jobs. I can’t be afraid to be me.  It took me a long time to come to terms with myself.  It is wrong for Democrats to tell me to be quiet about how I feel,” he said.

“My friends encouraged me to start getting more vocal about Trump because I wanted to tell everyone that someone like me voted for him, and that I agree with him on many policies.  People get depressed without work and how can people take care of their families.  I worry about that.  So It’s important for me to speak out.  Where we don’t agree we should talk to and work it out.  But the left is scary. They remind me of howler monkeys who shut everyone else down,” said Rebel.

Rebel has a recent video out, The New Alpha.

It will be controversial to almost everyone. “I love what I do.  I love working.  I love singing and dancing,” said Rebel. “I don’t want to upset my fans, but I have to stand for what I believe in, and that is Free Market Capitalism, and President Trump is doing a great job,” he said.

“I voted for President Obama twice.  I believe in the social issues he was talking about, but I couldn’t stand the economic policies he made.  Business Regulations were too harsh.  My own mother is paying 45% in taxes and she isn’t rich. That is painful.  Why should I work so hard if I have to pay out so much,” Rebel said.

“Obama said he would need a magic wand to get jobs back. I guess Trump found the magic wand,” Rebel said.

“When Democrats tell me I have to hate President Trump because he has been so bad to Gays, I really do not understand what they are talking about.  The Transgendered in Military?  Ok.  The idea that Gay Rights aren’t Civil Rights, I don’t know.  That isn’t meaningful enough to me to make me hate working,” Rebel told Big League Politics.


Sarah Palin Considering Primary Challenge to RINO Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

Talk about an upgrade.



Former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is considering a 2022 primary challenge to liberal Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Murkowsi is currently one of two nominal Republican Senators who has declined to support a tentative Trump administration nominee for the Supreme Court. She also was the only Republican not to vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in 2018.

Palin addressed Murkowski’s refusal to support conservative nominees for the Supreme Court in a set of three videos she uploaded to her Instagram page on Thursday. In subtle reference to a possible primary challenge, she pointed at her house in Wasilla, Alaska, mentioning that she’d be potentially willing to move away from the community to Washington D.C.

If you can’t find it within yourself to do the right thing this time, and at least give a fair shake to the Supreme Court nominee that your president will be bringing before you, if you can’t find it within yourself to do the right thing, … and do what the majority of Americans want you to do, to do what you were sent to Washington, D.C., to do,” said Palin to Murkowski in the video.

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She referenced a notable campaign quip from 2008, when smug liberal pundits had mocked the vice presidential candidate for saying that she “can see Russia from her house.” (The assertion is more or less true, if not expressly literal- islands belonging to the Russian Federation can be seen from Alaska’s Diomede Islands.)

I can see 2022 from my house!” said the former Alaska Governor, referring to the next election in which the NeverTrump Senator would be held to account in an Alaska Republican primary.

Palin has always been a staunch conservative, even to the point of falling out of the good graces of globalist liberal John McCain’s elite political network after the 2008 election. She’s doubtlessly be a very strong candidate in a 2022 senatorial campaign.

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