INTERVIEW: Sheriff Clarke On The Border: ‘Roger Ailes Is Gone. Fox Imploded’

Sheriff David Clarke joined Big League Politics to discuss the urgent crisis on our southern border, and he also had some relevant behind-the-scenes information for us on the situation at Fox News.

Clarke was a constant face on the Fox News network until he had a sit-down meeting with Suzanne Scott in the New York office about being a paid contributor, like he was promised, and then he never heard from Fox News again. The African-American conservative who sparked vice-presidential speculation in 2016 quite literally couldn’t catch a break at the globalist Fox News network.

“Roger Ailes liked me a lot. Bill Shine liked me and wanted me to be a paid contributor. Mainly it’s an inconvenience…that’s okay, it gave me a stage, it elevated the issues I’m talking about,” Clarke told Big League Politics in the middle of several investigative tours that he is making to the southern border.

Sheriff Clarke’s recent stop in McAllen, Texas put him in prime form. Clarke is representing, an effort backed by Steve Bannon and possible DHS chief Kris Kobach to build as much of the wall as possible on private landowner terrain.

“Roger Ailes is gone. Fox imploded,” Clarke said, pointing to the canning of Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling.

“A paid contributor is 300 dollars a hit, but it’s at least payment for your time….

“I moved on, but I see what’s going on now. I’m not surprised. Rupert Murdoch is a conservative but then he got rid of Roger Ailes, and Roger Ailes ran the whole thing. So he put his sons in charge. His sons are Uber-lefties…

“All over the country, I think there’s too much of a reliance on Fox. You’ve got Rush Limbaugh, One America now, Breitbart, Newsmax, Big League Politics. I want to encourage people on the right to use a plurality of sources, not just Fox News,” Sheriff Clarke said.

“What happened to Judge Jeanine I think was convenient for them…There’s not much there. What’s happening with Tucker is an organized effort to get rid of our people,” Sheriff Clarke said.

“Fox will use these things to censor us. They are center-left now. Because of the Murdoch boys being lefties, they want to take that hard edge off.”

“I’m hard edge but I don’t hide it. I’m a hardcore conservative.”

In Part 2 of our interview, Sheriff Clarke walks us through his tour of the Texas border, where scenes like this are all too common (photo: Brooks County Sheriff’s Office).

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