INTERVIEW: This Texan Running For Congress Plans to Protect Her State By Securing The Border

Maria Espinoza is one of the most ardent advocates for border security in America. She is the co-founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project. She lived and worked in D.C. for two years supporting President Donald Trump’s America First policies. Espinoza also serves on the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Border Security Coalition in D.C., through her organization The Remembrance Project. She is a listed speaker for the Republican Party of Texas.

Espinoza is currently running for Texas’s 7th Congressional District as the sole immigration patriot candidate in that race.

BLP had the pleasure of chatting with Espinoza about her current congressional run.


  1. Why are you running for office?


For over 10 years, through The Remembrance Project, I have educated, cajoled and persuaded politicians to enforce our existing immigration laws and to prosecute those who either ignore or thwart laws that help keep America safe.

I’ve watched illegal aliens through night vision glasses carrying large backpacks escape the grasp of our Border Patrol agents.   I have testified on National Security in front of the US Congress alongside the president of the Border Patrol Council.

I believe I can affect policy at the federal level.

For example, I wrote directly to the last (remaining) 4 GOP Presidential candidates in 2016 asking for help for families whose loved ones had been killed by illegal aliens.  As a result of this work, I received a notification from candidate Trump promising me that he would do more for the bereaved families like the dozens of angel moms, dads and angel families I introduced to him in 2015-16. These efforts resulted in the formation of the President’s Office of VOICE.

With all of this work by me and other patriots, The Wall is not still built, sanctuary policies still exist and liberal mayors and judges snub their noses to our laws.  I believe that I could make a difference inside the Halls of Congress.

Furthermore, in my CD-7 race, there is an open borders candidate propped-up by the same multi-million-dollar corporation that in 2011 derailed the SB9 bill that would have eliminated Sanctuary policies in Texas.  I must also run for this seat in order to protect Texas families, and win back the seat from Democrat Liz Fletcher.


  1. In your opinion, what is the biggest issue heading into the 2020 elections?

I agree with a poll conducted last summer that the top two (2) concerns of voters are:

  1. Lack of confidence in GOP leadership at the state and local levels, bordering on distrust in their loyalty to our core GOP principles.
  2. Illegal immigration, as I’ve been saying for 10 years.


  1. Who do you see as the larger immediate threat to your campaign: Establishment Republicans or the radical Left?

Hands down, and through past experience… the establishment Republicans.

Especially during the primary election cycle, Republican establishment has sold out to the open borders multi-million dollar donors who fill the politicians’ re-election campaign coffers with the blood money of murdered Americans.  This is a too high of a price for our angel moms, dads and angel families to pay so that those donors will continue to have an endless supply of illegal alien workers – and a permanent underclass.  Further, it not only prevents “America First” candidates from being successful, but also instills a feeling among other grass-roots patriots that they will never have the funds to run a successful campaign, so “why even try?”  These truths and consequences all but assure that regular, middle-class Americans will no longer be able to hold public office, especially at state and federal levels.


  1. What sets you apart from your Republican rivals in Texas’s 7th Congressional District?

 I am the only candidate who has federal legislative experience in reviewing and recommending legislation. I personally hosted Donald Trump as “Keynote Speaker” at the September 17, 2016 National Conference in Houston TX.

Unlike my opponents, I have first-hand experience dealing with the Swamp. I understand from experience that the Deep State special interest politicians and groups “buy” their candidates.  I cannot be bought!

In this race, I’m the only candidate with a 10-year resume of promoting border enforcement and enforcement of our federal interior immigration laws, and placing families first.  There is no need for me to conjure up a fake persona and attempt to camouflage an abysmal voting record. I was 100% on board from day one with President Trump and his America First policies.

I have travelled extensively, not only across Texas, but all across America advocating for secure communities, building of the wall, and against Sanctuary Cities


  1. Who has endorsed your campaign so far?

 I have received endorsements from the following individuals:

  1. Tom Homan, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) Director for President Trump
  2. Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner
  3. Kris Kobach, President Trump’s former Transition Team and Voter Integrity Commission member and the former Secretary of State for Kansas (currently running for U.S. Senate in Kansas)
  4. Tom Tancredo, former Colorado Congressman and 2008 GOP Presidential Candidate
  5. Chris Salcedo, Newsmax TV Host, Radio Broadcaster (KSEV, WBAB)


  1. Since immigration is your strong suit, what immigration policies will you be pushing for in Congress?

I plan on supporting President Trump’s efforts to fund and build a border wall, and enforce existing immigration laws. Additionally, I plan on passing federal legislation making it a crime for any governmental official to refuse to cooperate with the federal government in executing legal federal detainers (e.g., refusing to cooperate with I.C.E.).

Eliminating sanctuary jurisdiction policies is another big priority for me. I also want make E-verify mandatory for all business across the nation and eliminate chain migration.

All in all, I want to fully enforce current immigration laws and deport all illegal aliens.


  1. What is your take on legal migration? Do you think we have too much of it?

If, by “legal migration” you mean entering the U.S. through application for asylum, then I believe that the current system allowing asylum seeker to enter the U.S., is flawed.  Today, 90% of all asylum applications are ruled unsubstantiated in our system of immigration courts.  This costs American taxpayers millions of dollars each year to process these fraudulent claims. I support a federal law mandating that all asylum claims be adjudicated ONLY in the claimants’ country(ies) of origin.


  1. Do you agree with conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s recommendation that the U.S. implement a moratorium on legal immigration before we consider any expansion of legal migration?

I am in support of a temporary moratorium on all legal migration until:

  1. Congress passes and the President signs a law ending the practice of non-merit (e.g., ‘chain”) migration”.
  2. The USCIS has in place a fully functional vetting process to determine the veracity of documents that migrants present, thus eliminating the USICS policy of assuming that unverifiable documents are valid.
  3. The U.S. State Department fully enforces its regulations that all new citizens be able to speak and write in English and to verify that those persons have the means of self-reliance and who will not become a burden to the US taxpayer.


  1. So far into Trump’s first term in office, how would you rate his performance?

President Donald Trump, to date, has done an excellent job.  While his successes are many and widely praised for his historic accomplishments, his failings are:

  1. On several occasions in memory, he has taken the advice of untrustworthy people, resulting in those underserving people turning on him, and slowing and stopping many of his “America First” promises.
  2. Not following through with the wall is a failure. His progress is slow and he is not using all of the powers of the Presidency to provide funding.

BLP will be following Espinoza’s campaign closely.

She is the clear-cut choice for any immigration patriot living in Texas’s 7th district.