INTERVIEW: #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka Talks Leftist Backlash With BLP

Since Big League Politics first interviewed #WalkAway campaign founder Brandon Straka, his movement, which has created an online community for Democrats to tell their stories of walking away from the political left, has garnered international media attention, making Straka a star in the conservative movement.

BLP caught up with Straka via email today for an update on how the left has responded to his movement.

“The response from the left regarding #WalkAway has been typical,” he said. “They ignored us as long as they could. Then the denials. Then the lies. And then the retributions. They said the Campaign was a non-movement. A silly trending hashtag that was barely worth mentioning. As #WalkAway grew and the hashtag became one of the most used on the internet, out they came again with outlandish conspiracies about Russian bots and foreign interference.”

Straka said he has been accused of being a “Putin puppet,” which is a rite of passage for conservatives these days.

“They have attempted to erase the members of the #WalkAway Campaign, whom I call “the Patriots” by reporting that they are not real,” Straka said. “Despite their video testimonials, these people who are bravely opening their hearts and minds for all the world to see and hear- telling their truth about the pain, disappointment and loss of hope they have experienced by those who engage in these very behaviors- they do not exist. They are “bots’.”

Straka has also experience Facebook censorship and de-platforming, as most on the right have at some time or another from the Silicon Valley tech giants.

“And the dishonest leftists have social media on their side,” he said. “Facebook regularly removes thousands of members of the #WalkAway Campaign at a time. The platform has currently blocked my ability to message the Patriots or respond to their messages to me. Their ability to share about the group is also often blocked.”

Straka finished with a salient point.

“Just as the left can not allow themselves to handle the thought that liberalism and the Democratic Party has scammed them, they can not allow themselves to accept that #WalkAway is a real movement and a real threat to their existence,” he said. “The same irrational, unhinged, inability to deal with reality is manifesting itself once again in their refusal to listen to the real words of real people, and instead live in a state of denial about tens of thousands of people walking away from their party.”

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