Iowa Brewery Receives Push Back After Announcing Drag Queen Bingo Event Marketed to Children

A “kid-friendly drag bingo” event planned by a Cedar Rapids, Iowa bar has caused widespread outrage from the community, as concerned citizens are becoming enraged with the epidemic of LGBT child grooming that is developing across the country.

Brewmaster Chris Flenker is complaining about angry comments online which equate his event to the mainstreaming of pedophilia, an accusation that he vehemently denies.

“We just want to show love and support to everybody,” said Flenker.

Flenker plans to donate proceeds from the event to fund an LGBT prom event for children put on by Tanager Place. Previously, Flenker’s Thew Brewing Company had hosted drag queen events, but this is the first one in which they are inviting children as they test the boundaries of what society will tolerate.

“It’s not the kids who are going to be drag queens or anything like that,” said Flenker.

Joan Hackbarth, director for Tanager Place, says that approximately 200 confused and indoctrinated children plan to attend their upcoming LGBT prom event.

“The inclusivity of a program such as a prom for the LBGTQ community provides not only the children that identify with that community but also their allies and others to be apart of a very safe and inclusive program,” said Hackbarth.

Many concerned citizens are not buying the progressive LGBT propaganda that these events are “safe and inclusive.”

“I think sexualizing our youth in any way shape or form, whether it be hetero-sexualization, or gay, lesbian, bi-sexualization is a very slippery slope with our youth and the parents need to be careful,” said Cedar Rapids resident Jenn Olsen to KCRG-ABC 7.

In other child grooming events with drag queen throughout the country, cross-dressing men flashed their crotches to children and sexual predators were given intimate access to precocious youngsters.

A child sex offender and transgender prostitute infamously administered a “Drag Queen Story Hour” event in Houston:

Houston MassResistance uncovered that William Travis Dees, who is a member of a draq queen group called the “Space City Sisters,” has been participating in Drag Queen Story Hour events in the town. Dees is a child sex offender who brags about his time as a transgender prostitute…

Dees’ stage name is Liza Lott, and he has served as a “greeter” during story hour to give himself special access to the children as their parents usher them in to have their souls warped. Houston MassResistance activists uncovered records showing Dees once victimized children as young as four years old with his vicious assaults.

“Dees was convicted in 2004 of sex crimes against four young children (ages 4, 5, 6, and 8), was jailed, and is listed as a ‘high risk sex offender.’ MassResistance activists have also identified numerous aliases which Dees uses for his various characters and personas,” the whistle-blowers wrote.

“Since Dees was 16 years old at the time of his conviction, his record is “sealed” and not posted on government sites. However, it is available from other sex-offender record sources,” they added.

Making matters even worse, the “Space City Sisters” drag group also engages in open blasphemy, mocking the Catholic Church publicly while celebrating degeneracy and gender bending. They are apart of a national network of heretics called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” which also targets kids at Drag Queen Story Hour events.

The LGBT agenda is on the prowl in every state and will soon be in every community to corrupt the souls of children.

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