Iran Finally Admits for the First Time that It’s Supplying Russia with Drones

On November 5, 2022, Iran admitted to providing Russia with drones.

Iranian authorities’ admitted this following weeks of criticism coming from the Collective West. Iran has recently been placed under the microscope for the prevalence of Iranian-made drones on the Ukrainian battlefield that have largely benefitted Russia. 

In light of the criticism it has received, Iranian authorities stressed that the drones were being sent to Russia prior to its military incursion into Ukraine.

“We supplied Russia with a limited number of drones months before the war in Ukraine,” Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated, in a quote he provided to state media IRNA. 

Iran has maintained that the drones were never supposed to be used on Ukrainian soil for military purposes. 

“In a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian foreign minister last week, we agreed that if there was evidence (of Moscow’s use of Iranian drones), he would provide it to us,” Amir-Abdollahian stated.

“If the Ukrainian side keeps its promise, we can discuss this issue in the coming days and we will take into account their evidence,” he continued.

American and Ukrainian authorities claim to have evidence of Iranian suicide drones being used to target civilian and military infrastructure in Ukraine. In October, Russia ramped up its volley of airstrikes against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Durden observed that Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that roughly 40% of Ukraine’s electrical supply stations have been critically damaged or knocked completely offline. In addition, countless homes in Kiev have suffered power outages during a period when rolling emergency blackouts have taken place. 

American authorities have also blamed Iran for transferring ballistic missiles to Russia. Iran has denied this accusation and has labeled it as “completely false.”  The US still maintains that Iran is supplying Russia with armaments in its protracted struggle with Russia.

Whether or not Iran is actually providing Russia with arms during its conflict with Ukraine is up for debate. One thing that’s clear is that Russia and Iran have been solid strategic partners since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Both countries share the Collective West, which is hell-bent on imposing its universalist values on Eurasian polities, as an enemy. This same Collective West also uses its intelligence agencies to fund Sunni militants all the way from the Caucasus to the Levant in order to harass both Iran and Russia. 

As the West grows woker on the foreign policy front, the Russo-Iranian partnership will only grow stronger.

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