Iranian Deputy Health Minister Infected by Coronavirus After Briefing Press on Response

The coronavirus epidemic has the whole world on its feet.

Due to increased travel and contact with foreigners, the potential for epidemics to spread is magnified.

Iran’s coronavirus episode is rather interesting.

Nick Arama of Red State reported that the coronavirus “appears to have developed in a concentrated outbreak and they can’t trace it back directly back to China.”

Iranian Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi, who is heading the country’s counter-coronavirus task force, has been informing ministers and journalists on the Iranian government’s efforts to combat the virus. He even proclaimed that they had the situation under control, according to Forbes.

Then irony struck.

Hairichi tested positive for the coronavirus and is now quarantining himself.


Arama raised some interesting points about the Deputy Health Minister:

But here’s the problem. Here he is yesterday with the government spokesman, briefing journalists, coughing and sweating excessively, without a mask. You can almost see him spreading it. He’s been interacting with and briefing people for days.

Arama continued:

Now today, here’s that same government spokesman, looking sick without a mask, next to the industries minister, who is looking none too well either.

Now, Buzzfeed reported that an MP has caught the virus.

However, some individuals believe that the Iranian government is not being transparent about the extent of the virus outbreak. Some of the surrounding countries are closing their borders to prevent the virus from entering the country.

One report of 50 people dying in the city of Qom was denied by Haririchi.

The Buzzfeed report claims that there are 95 cases with 15 deaths in Iran so far.

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