IRONY: EU Leaders are Looking to Establish Trumpesque Border Walls As Illegal Border Crossings Increase

Several member states of the European Union are calling for it to support further construction of border walls as Europe has experienced an increase in illegal alien border crossings over the last few months.

On January 21, 2023, 26 EU members and emissaries for Switzerland and the United Kingdom visited Greece. During this visit, Greek Citizens’ Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos showed the public figures an ever-growing border wall and urged the EU to continue expanding and keeping that border security measure in place.

“The task [of protecting the border] needs the support … of European public opinion, the European Union itself and its constituent members individually,” Theodorikakos stated. “It is our steadfast position that member states of first reception cannot be [the migrants’] only European destinations.”

“There must be solidarity among member-states and a fair sharing of duties … close coordination is a must,” he continued.

According to Ryan Morgan of The Epoch Times, “Greece currently has 17 miles of barriers along its border.” Theodorikakos recently rolled out plans to add roughly 87 more miles of barriers in 2023. On January 7, Theodorikakos revealed that construction has already been underway on the first new sections of wall, which will span roughly 22 miles.

The bulk of the illegal alien invasion into the EU comes via Turkey. Theodorikakos claims Greek authorities halted 256,000 migrant crossings and arrested 1,300 traffickers in 2022.

Frontex, the EU’s border security agency, recently published data revealing that there were 330,000 irregular border crossings recorded along the EU’s external border in 2022.

Like the US, Europe must also cope with the Great Replacement project that’s been unleashed by its treasonous political class. As a result of these open borders policies, social tensions have emerged as countless countries witness demographic displacement and the rise of ethnic ghettos filled with individuals from cultures completely alien to their host nations. 

In order for Western countries to protect their national identities, they must restrict immigration. Erecting border walls is a good start. However, harder measures such as an immigration moratorium must be implemented to prevent an immigration-induced demographic catastrophe.

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