Is Boris Johnson About to Expand Legal Immigration to the U.K.?

At the first UK-Africa Investment Summit in London, United Kingdom Prime Minister Johnson indicated that he would like to open up Britain to more migration from Africa.

He stated, “Our (immigration) system is becoming fairer and more equal between all our global friends and partners, treating people the same, wherever they come from.”

Johnson added, “By putting people before passports we will be able to attract the best talent from around the world, wherever they may be.”

While Africa may have certain talented individuals that could be of benefit to the U.K., Johnson should look at the bigger picture.

Brexit largely centered around the British working class’s anxiety with the European Union’s mass migration policies which have washed up on the U.K.’s shores in recent years.

To his credit, Johnson has made getting Brexit done a major point of his time as Prime Minister.

Nevertheless, Johnson should not be too giddy about pursuing mass migration policies.

After all, the U.K. replicating the same mass migration failure taking place in the E.U. would be a step backwards for the country.

There are clear socio-economic effects that come about due to mass migration.

This is an issue that goes beyond economic transactions, however.

The national and cultural integrity of a country could also be at stake if immigration flows are not stemmed.

Johnson would be wise to refrain from engaging in mass migration boosting and instead focus his efforts on restoring Britain’s primacy as one of the world’s economic juggernauts by focusing on Britain’s working class and cutting as much bureaucratic red tape as possible.

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