Is Globalist Philosopher Jordan Peterson Back on Drugs Again?

Ostensibly pro-Western philosopher Jordan Peterson has been active and vocal in recent months, after conspicuously disappearing during a period in which civil liberties were under attack like never before throughout the COVID-19 bioweapon release.

His daughter, Mikhaila, explained that her father developed a major drug addiction and nearly died to explain his long absence. Peterson went to Russia where he was reportedly able to get clean after becoming severely addicted to benzodiazepines.

“Dad started to get super-weird. It manifested as extreme anxiety, and suicidality,” Mikhaila said. “He was catatonic. Really, really bad. And then he was delirious.”

Peterson has reportedly cleaned himself up, but recent erratic public appearances show that he may be back on the drugs, or his brain function has been altered negatively because of drug abuse.

In a recent interview, Peterson can be seen stammering like a fool as he descends into nonsensical ramblings that harken back to when charlatan pervert Bill Clinton once said during a perjury hearing: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Peterson shows his great talent to pervert basic language in a confusing word salad of total gibberish that would give any marxist or postmodernist a run for their money.

“The question, ‘Did that happen?’ begs the question, ‘what do you mean by happen?'” Peterson asks in the clip.

“Because when you deal with fundamental realities and you pose a question, you have to understand that the reality of the concepts of your question when you’re digging that deep are just as questionable as what you’re questioning,” he added.

The blather only got worse from there as Peterson’s philosophical wanking continued.

“So people say to me, ‘Do you believe in God?’ and I think ‘ok, there’s a couple of mysteries in that question.’ What do you mean ‘Do’? What do you mean ‘you’? What do you mean ‘believe’? and what do you mean ‘God’?” Peterson said.

“And you say as the questioner, well we already know what these things mean except belief in God and I think, ‘No!’ If we’re going to get down to the fundamental brass tacks, we don’t know what any of those things mean,” he added.

The full clip can be seen here:

Between this and his recent crusade about the need to enact an Orwellian digital ID to prevent “demons” from haunting him on Twitter, it seems that Peterson is popping the benzos again or has suffered permanent brain damage as the consequence of his severe drug addiction. Either way, this globalist-backed Judas Goat fraud ought to be ignored and ridiculed by any populist right-winger or America Firster moving forward.

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