Is Matt Gaetz Going to Run for the Florida Governorship?

In recent months, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has been rumored to be making moves towards running for Governor of Florida in 2026.

Although he has not fully dismissed the possibility, Gaetz stated that working to re-elect former president Donald Trump is currently his top political priority.

Gaetz previously served as a senior advisor to current Florida governor Ron DeSantis‘ 2018 gubernatorial campaign. That said, Gaetz has gone more in the pro-Trump direction and has disassociated himself from DeSantis. 

According to a NBC News report, a reception was held on  Sunday night in downtown Tallahassee after the designation ceremony of current House Speaker State Representative Danny Perez. Attendees claimed that Gaetz was “holding court” during the ceremony, and was reported to have suggested, on multiple occasions, his desire to become governor of the Sunshine State. 

One lobbyist who attended the reception asserted Gaetz’s gubernatorial ambitions were actively discussed by other attendees. He continued by noting that the Florida  congressman was “telling people to basically expect him to be in.”

Gaetz said to NBC News that while “many did encourage [him] to consider running for governor one day” Florida has “an outstanding governor who will be in that position through 2026.”

“My only political focus right now is Trump 2024,” he continued.

Gaetz has praised DeSantis’ performance as governor multiple times. That said, he has loudly criticized DeSantis’s presidential run. Back in April,  Gaetz formally endorsed Trump, calling attention to how the former commander-in-chief has “a lot of momentum.”

 “If there’s any job that might be even a little better than the President [of the] United States, it would be the governor of the Sunshine State,” Gaetz declared at the time. “I’m glad Ron DeSantis is there and I hope we get him for two more years.”

Gaetz is one of the few congressmen that truly embodies America First principles. He can always be counted on to oppose mass migration and never-ending wars. A potential Gaetz governorship would continue consolidating Florida’s reputation as the freest state in the Union: 

There’s no other elected official better suited to be DeSantis’s successor than Gaetz.

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