Is Randall Liles Cracking? Residents Find Candidate’s Unhinged Behavior Shocking and Weird

On October 14, 2023, Republican voters in Louisiana’s 1st State House District will decide their next Representative. A grudge match between the highly respected incumbent, Danny McCormick and the challenger he beat 4 years ago, Randall Liles.

 Randall Liles was a little known member of the community before first running for office in 2019. But after 4 years of losses, many are seeing Randall in a new light in response to his “unhinged” behavior. In neighborhood groups and social media, many are worried about the frame of mind of Randall Liles as election day draws near.

 The community watched in disbelief back in late August, as Liles approached Callie Allen Carmichael, one of his neighbors, after noticing that she had a yard sign for Liles conservative rival. Liles went up to Carmichael’s driveway and walked to her car door completely unannounced to demand answers as to why she was not supporting Liles in his legislative race.

 In security camera footage of this incident, Carmichael was clearly taken aback by Liles’ unhinged behavior. Moreover, she was so perturbed by the encounter that she decided to subsequently publish the video footage of it in a Facebook post on August 30. 

 Carmichael said the following in the post: 

I have taken sometime to think about this and the more i think about it the madder i get ! For any person that is running for a public office to come up to my car door , on my property , completely unannounced as soon as i get home from taking one of my children to school and want to question me and chastise me as to why i have a Danny McCormick sign in my yard as opposed to his Randall liles sign basically because randall finds it offensive because we live on the same street is the most offensive thing i probably been confronted with … i don’t give 5 rips who my neighbors are i will support who i want and further more for a man to approach a women with her children in the car on private property is unacceptable character !

Randall Liles is the founder and owner of Ark-La-Tex Superior Signs in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has also made investments in commercial and residential real estate. 

 Despite trying to maintain a squeaky clean image on social media throughout the race, supporters and detractors alike witnessed Liles yesterday lashing out on Facebook at his opponent Danny McCormick. In a series of what many called “weird” posts, that again raised questions about Liles demeanor and cognitive state, community members grew concerned.

Some are concerned that this crude meme is what sent Liles into a tailspin of nearly deranged Facebook posts…

While the community remains concerned over his reactions, the real story of the race should remain on political positions. The district will need to decide, do they support Danny McCormick’s strong record and rural values, or are they looking to bring an urban outlook to District 1? Liles has been open about his desire to urbanize Caddo parish and extend control of both government and culture to Shreveport. 

His self reported political positions are rated as verified “Moderate” seemingly due to his affinity for urban progressive policies over rural voter interest.

The results from the “political courage test” Liles took on Vote Smart speak for themselves. 

 A conservative watchdog website dedicated to sharing Liles’ track record believes that the candidate is unqualified to represent Louisiana HD 1 based on the stances he has taken on the following issues: 

  • Universal Gun Registration by outlawing private sales
  • Forcing citizens to get a government license to own a firearm
  • Support for the ‘Green New Deal’ and other far left Environmental Policies
  • Supports the Transgender Agenda, and forcing Louisiana citizens to recognize men pretending to be women
  • Supports ‘Woke’ Activism
  • Donors include Far Left ‘Green New Deal’ Supporters

When factoring in Liles’ bizarre, and possibly self-harming behavior, and his openly urban-centric political stances, voters are worried Liles may crack before election day under the stress. 

We sincerely wish Randall well and hope he will take some time off after the Election Saturday, October 14th.

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