Is The Best Direct Cash Relief Plan Found Outside the Halls of Congress?

Eric Bolling, President and Chairman, JanOne, Inc.

With every hour passing it appears that the leadership and members of the United States Senate are exposing their inability to manage and provide the necessary help to assure that America’s families and workers are able to survive the public health and economic crisis that most are experiencing from the current Chinese Virus pandemic.

In the last few weeks Senate leadership from both parties have put forward plans that appear to be means-tested bailouts for big corporations and banks but fail to address putting cash directly into the hands of the majority of Americans.

In the same time frame Americans have seen their retirements and investments tank to the tune of trillions lost, experienced tens of thousands of lay-offs, the local public schools have closed for the foreseeable future, local police are unable to stop looting, and new polls show that 71% of Americans have been negatively harmed by the Chinese Virus pandemic.

And where our Senators have failed, it seems President Trump has not.

Instead of just listening to the lobbyists and policy influencers of the inner halls of Congress, President Trump is open to the advice and ideas of people outside of government, people who are not deeply rooted in the D.C. Swamp, and those who actually give a damn about what happens to Americans.

In a recent Tweet Eric Bolling, a bestselling author and conservative political commentator said that he had a “comprehensive conversation” with President Trump about a direct cash relief effort that Bolling has labeled “Plan2020”.

The idea behind “Plan2020” is that every American family who makes less than two hundred thousand a year in income would receive a debit card with $2300 on it. The card would be used to cover food, gas, medical needs, transportation costs, and other necessities that Americans may need during the current crisis.

The “Plan2020” card would be a means of sidestepping any industry bailout while assuring local economies receive a much needed boost.

The interesting catch behind the “Plan2020” cards is that the funds on the cards expire after thirty days but will be reloaded if the President continues the national emergency and it would be a form of nontaxable income.

On Friday long time Trump associate Steve Bannon endorsed the “Plan2020” card idea on his “War Room: Epidemic” podcast calling it a way “that cash is forced back into the system, back into the hands of the little guy”.

Understandably there are critics of Mr. Bolling’s idea, but unlike the plans that are being formed deep inside the D.C. Swamp, his “Plan2020” correctly provides a bailout for America’s families and local economies instead of multi-billion dollar corporations, many who have connections to Communist China.



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