Is Widespread Unrest Coming to the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is going through a nasty cost of living spell largely due to inflation and rising energy costs. This is the product of loose monetary policies (a universal hallmark of monetary policy in the Collective West), the UK’s self-destructive sanctions war against Russia, and green energy policies that make it difficult for the country to have access to affordable energy sources. 

Due to the acute nature of the cost of living crisis in the UK, one British campaigner claims that there will be increased chances of “widespread civil unrest” in the country as people can no longer pay their bills.  

Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News observed that as energy prices continue climbing, many British citizens “have resolved to refuse to pay their bills as part of a growing backlash some are comparing to the poll tax riots.”

The poll tax Watson was referring to was an attempt by the British government back in 1990 to impose this new tax, which was met with significant backlash. In fact, violent riots kicked off during that time and the British government was eventually compelled to reverse course. 

Watson called attention to how the British working class and middle class teamed up to oppose this measure and placed sufficient pressure to force the government to yield. 

The Don’t Pay organization is organizing a similar venture where it’s calling for people to cancel their direct debits in October if energy prices continue surging. 

Watson highlighted how “Average energy bills in the UK for dual fuel are expected to rise to £3,615 by January 2023, an increase of 283 per cent on March levels.”

“Millions of us won’t be able to afford food and bills this winter,” the  Don’t Pay manifesto highlighted. “We cannot afford to let that happen. We demand a reduction of bills to an affordable level. We will cancel our direct debits from October 1st if we are ignored.”

Critics of this movement claim that a mass movement to stop paying bills could generate even larger energy price hikes due to the departure of more companies from the market, which gives the few remaining companies more power to charge higher prices. 

Inflation is projected to reach 15% in the UK in 2023. 

Campaigner Tom Scott stressed that he is not advocating for riots, but he believes that these riots will take place if the economic situation in Old Blighty does not improve. 

“There was a major riot in London [in 1990],” Scott said to the Telegraph. “That’s not something I would like to see, but I think it’s almost inevitable that unless the Government does take much more effective action to help people, there will be widespread civil unrest.”

According to a new poll by NGO More in Common, discovered that 51% of British citizens believe there will be cost of living riots taking place later in 2022. 

Overall, things don’t look good in Airstrip One. However, none of the economic problems the country is facing are a coincidence. They’re the product of the depraved British ruling class’s obsession with big spending, easy money, and foreign policy adventures — traits that the American ruling class also shares. 

In sum, the Collective West, especially the Anglosphere, are going to be in a world of economic hurt in the next year or so. 

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