Islamic Radical Charged with Attempting Terrorist Van Massacre at National Harbor

Federal authorities have charged devout Muslim Rondell Henry, a 28-year-old man from Germantown, MD, with stealing a U-Haul van with the aim of carrying out a vicious terror attack at National Harbor.

According to the complaint filed by police with the District Court of Maryland, Henry “was observed by surveillance cameras walking on National Plaza towards the docking area jumping the secured fence and walking directly towards a boat that was parked in the secured boat slip” which he was not permitted to lawfully access.

Henry damaged the door to a boat called “Govanish” before breaking into it where he planned to stay the night to bide his time before he could commit his attack the next day when more people were around. Henry was apprehended by Lt. Rivera, and he would quickly admit he stole the van and was plotting terrorist violence.

“For two years, the defendant has harbored ‘hatred’ (in his words) for ‘disbelievers’ who do not practice the Muslim faith,” prosecutors wrote in their motion for detention. “Seeking out and watching videos of foreign terrorists beheading civilians and fighting overseas, the defendant considered these gruesome actions brave and wanted to emulate them.”

Henry claimed he was radicalized by ISIS, according to a NBC 4 Washington report. He hoped to re-create in the US the “panic and chaos” that ISIS-inspired attacks – such as the Nice, France van attack in July 2016 that murdered 86 people with hundreds more left injured – have caused abroad.

According to prosecutors, Henry said, “I was just going to keep driving and driving. I wasn’t going to stop.”

The van that Henry was planning to use for his terrorist attack can be seen here:

Henry has been charged with interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle and faces up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted. It remains to be seen if additional federal charges are levied upon him for this attempted terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, left-wing advocacy groups focus on the so-called threat of white conservative Trump supporters who are frequently hit with gang attacks by leftist agitators in the streets.

Don’t expect these thought control groups or the fake news to focus much of their time or energy on this ISIS-inspired terrorist wannabe because it doesn’t fit into their anti-Trump, anti-white, anti-American partisan political agenda.

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