Islamic State Calls Coronavirus, Race Riot Chaos a “Blessing”

The once-powerful terrorist caliphate of ISIS is celebrating the chaos that the coronavirus pandemic and American race riots have inflicted upon the United States and western societies, calling the destabilizing events a “blessing.”

Terrorism research organization SITE Intelligence published the terrorist organization’s remarks on the events this week. ISIS published a message reacting to the events in its weekly newsletter al-Nabaa, a publication that has continued to permeate obscure corners of the internet well after the terrorist organization has lost its territorial holdings in Iraq and Syria.

Today the news of the protests in America overshadows the news of the epidemic that gained hegemony over all the other events of the world for months, and the disbelieving governments are repeating their old mistake in reception of the matter,” said the terrorists, according to SITE translator Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi. “The entire world is exposed to this American form of chaos.

The once-powerful terrorists are hoping that the chaotic state of western politics will divert attention from the Middle East, allowing the group to claw back from its place in hiding.

A world in which the activities of the brutal terrorist group-one of the most bloodthirsty the world has even seen- were of daily relevance to the American public may seem like decades ago. But as American political discourse is fixated upon the nearly unprecedented impacts of racial unrest and the historical plague, a window for a return of the terrorist caliphate may present itself.

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