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Italian Americans and The Truth about The Columbus in Columbus Circle



Progressives want to tear down the Christopher Columbus statue in New York’s Columbus Circle. But do they even know what it means?

The largest mass lynching in United States history took place in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 14, 1891. That night eleven Italian Americans were all tied up side by side and hung for the alleged murder of New Orleans Police Chief David Hennessy. The lynching occurred the day after trial for 9 of the 19 men who had be indicted for the murder. Six defendants were acquitted of any charges and a mistrial was declared for the other 3 because the jury failed to reach any agreement on a verdict. The word got around that the jury had allegedly been bribed by a local mafia family, but no evidence of that happening was ever found.

That night thousands of citizens gathered outside the jail and broke in where 11 of the defendants were being held. Among the rioters were some of New Orleans’ most prominent citizens, singers and musicians mixed with the rest of the local thugs. This caused Italy to cut off any diplomacy with the United States and actual talks of war had started brewing. This mob vengeance that was taken on men who stood trial and were supposed to be provided their constitutional rights as citizens was actually widely praised in the American media. The call for cutting of immigration from Italy was widespread across the country. None of the citizens who took part in rioting or breaking into the prison and hanging the 11 Italian men were ever charged with a crime. The part of the story that’s never told is on that night of October 15, 1890 when police chief Hennessy was shot he never saw his shooters nor could he identify any of the perpetrators when other policemen went to the hospital to visit him. The next day Chief Hennessy had complications with the gun shot wounds and died. His death sent New Orleans Mayor Joseph Shakespeare into a rage, telling officers to ” scour the whole neighborhood. Arrest every Italian you come across, if necessary….” In less then 24 hours 45 Italian Americans were arrested. Mayor Shakespeare had convicted these men by a speech he gave before the trial saying “We must teach these people a lesson they will not forget for all times.” Clearly the rights of Italian American immigrants weren’t protected but exploited.

This injustice of a mob murder was felt in the hearts of all Italian Americans, especially in New York where their greatest population was concentrated. Italian Americans of NYC formed a very tight bond during this time and were looking for a way to honor those who were unjustly murdered. They took to the streets and formed what we would call a modern day go fund me. Each one of them decided to start raising money to erect the statue of Christopher Columbus with the help of Il Progresso an Italian American newspaper. In 1892 the statue was erected with pride by its creator Gaetano Russo.

So wouldn’t it be racist to tear down the Christopher Columbus statue that represents the memory of the unjust mass murder of 11 Italian Americans in New Orleans 126 years ago? We might not agree with what Christopher Columbus did, but this statue of him represents everything the left is outraged about and trying to fight against which is racism. Liberals proclaim to be the social justice warriors of our country. Why would they desecrate a memorial statue to men who were murdered because of their race ? So while Columbus may have done things we all disagree and condemn, can we agree that the memory of those Italian American men in that vile act of mass murder should be protected?


Anti-Defamation League Hits Michelle Malkin with Shameful ‘White Supremacy’ Smear

They say she is normalizing white supremacy.



The vehemently anti-Trump, anti-American, anti-Constitution organization – the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – has started a vicious smear campaign against right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin for “normalizing white supremacy.”

“Conservative pundit and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has a long history of divisive rhetoric around a range of issues – particularly immigration. In the past year, however, she has publicly and explicitly allied herself with white supremacists, particularly the so-called “groypers,” appearing on white supremacist podcasts and other online programs,” the ADL wrote.

“Malkin’s bold support of and interaction with white supremacists points to the increasingly fine line between people who call themselves “American nationalists” and recognizable white supremacy,” they added.

ADL uses guilt-by-association tactics to attack Malkin in their smear. She has appeared with or vouched for “America First” leaders like Nick Fuentes, Gavin McInnes, Patrick Casey, Scott Greer and Vincent James in recent months, which the ADL finds unacceptable.

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“Malkin has clearly crossed a boundary in terms of her association with white supremacists. Nick Fuentes and the groypers present themselves as Christian conservatives and American nationalists while they attempt to normalize white supremacist views. Malkin justifies her embrace of those views by arguing that her “enemies” (the left, mainstream media, social media sites and now mainstream conservatives) are attacking “dissident voices,” including her own,” the ADL wrote.

They also hammered Malkin for appearing at the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) in February, in which she gave a speech about the importance of nationalism and protecting the demographic integrity of America.

“I will tell you that over the years I have tried to drum into the heads of normies, that the brave formulation of being against illegal immigration, but for legal immigration is kindergarten level thinking. And it is really alarming that even after all of this time that the cognitive handicaps of so many people who consider themselves America Firsters, is such that they don’t even know the basic fact that we grant 1.1 million Green Cards to this country every year,” she said during her iconic speech.

She also hammered the ADL for their dishonest and disreputable tactics during her AFPAC speech.

“It’s anti-Semitic to mention George Soros’s billions. It’s anti-Semitic to criticize the Anti-Defamation League. It’s anti-Semitic to question whatever the precise number is of people who perished in World War II. It is anti-Semitic for me, being married to a 100% Ashkenazi Jew, to question dual loyalties of people who are working here as agents of a foreign country,” Malkin said.

“I feel very confident that you, the Light Brigade, the America First Brigade, are well positioned to do what so few other grassroots revolts and rebellions have succeeded in doing. I believe in you,” she said to conclude her speech. “I honor your charge. I honor your mission. You may not have finances, but you have faith in this country and you have many more friends than you know. God bless you.”

With the Conservative Inc. establishment unable to destroy Malkin, the far-left ADL is now trying to ruin her career. Their plot is not likely to succeed.

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