Italian Governor of Lombardy is Called “Racist” For Wanting to Test Travelers from China

Attilio Fontana, the Governor of Lombardy said he was accused of racism in February when he recommended that travelers hailing from China be tested for the Wuhan Virus.

Fontana is a member of populist leader Matteo’ Salivni’s Lega party.

A report from La Repubblica revealed the response to his admonition during a debate in the Regional Council on April 2, 2020. He said that when he put forward the idea of testing people arriving from China for the virus on February 3, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte assured him that the country was not in danger of a mass outbreak because the medical system was ready for the outbreak.

Fontana noted that some of his colleagues called him a racist for floating the idea of testing and claimed that he had been “mocked with insolent words” and he took offense to his colleagues’ remarks. He also revealed that he was told that mandating testing would sully Italy’s image on the world stage.

Lombardy is the region of Italy most impacted by the Wuhan Virus outbreak.

Of all European countries, Italy has had the most confirmed cases of the virus.

The first cases in Italy surfaced at the end of January, when two Chinese tourists were confirmed to have the virus. The first significant outbreak was uncovered in February 21 in Lombardy, when 16 cases were confirmed.

Fontana had choice words for Italy’s National Institute of Health (ISS), which forced a Lombardian company able of producing 900,000 protective masks daily to wait for certification before it could start working. “The ISS has yet to realize that we are in a state of emergency,” Fontana stated. “Since no one is giving us masks, at least give us permission to produce them.”

Political correctness can be deadly.

In this era of globalist induced crisis, nations will need to discard PC tropes and start upholding their national interests such as maintaining strong borders and limiting immigration.

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