Italian Study Claims Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine is Half as Effective in Obese People

Italian scientists have found that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine could be half as effective in obese people.

The results of their study showed that compared to healthy people, obese healthcare workers generated only half the antibodies after receiving the vaccine. The scientists thus suggested that obese people may need another round of the vaccine or bigger doses.

These results are consistent with previous findings which say that the flu vaccine may only be half as effective in obese people as it is in healthy people. Vaccines in general may be less effective in obese people because their immune systems are more impaired due to constant inflammation.

This study, however, only included 26 obese people, and so it could be too small of a sample size to make a definitive connection between obesity and fewer COVID antibodies generated.

In other COVID vaccine news, Big League Politics recently reported that Donald and Melania Trump received the jab before departing the White House in January:

Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump received a coronavirus vaccine at the White House in January, according to new reporting Monday from Axios, citing an unnamed Trump advisor.

Three American coronavirus vaccines were development through public-private partnerships during Donald Trump’s presidency. President Trump urged Americans to receive the coronavirus vaccine during his CPAC speech on Sunday.

We took care of a lot of people — including, I guess, on Dec. 21, we took care of Joe Biden, because he got his shot, he got his vaccine,” Trump said during the speech, his first extended public remarks since leaving the presidential throne. “So everybody, go get your shot.” Biden had gone on to falsely claim that President Trump hadn’t overseen the development and rollout of a vaccine, despite receiving it while his predecessor was President.

Legitimate scientific consensus indicates that the vaccine is largely safe to receive, although individuals with serious health conditions may experience side effects. President Trump and the First Lady had come down with the coronavirus in October, with the couple spending several days at Walter Reed Hospital in DC to recover.

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