IT’S A START: Portland Rioter Arrested With Pipe Bomb Materials, Will Face Federal Charges

Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli revealed that a rioter in Portland, Oregon was arrested with materials used to create a pipe bomb on Saturday night.

Cuccinelli shared an image of the rioter’s terrorist paraphernalia on his Twitter Sunday, announcing that the rioter would face federal criminal charges for his possession of the destructive device.

Customs and Border Patrol official Mark Morgan confirmed that the thus-unnamed rioter had been arrested on Sunday morning not only with pipe bomb paraphernalia, but a machete and a knife

Morgan staunchly rejected any description of Portland’s criminal rioters as protestors, making it clear that the riotous thugs had no right to attack federal law enforcement and terrorize the community. The rioters staged a siege of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, vandalizing the federal building and coating it with graffiti.

Portland ANTIFA has staged some of the most vicious criminal riots and political terrorism in the country, having rioted in the city’s streets for what some officials have claimed to be 38 straight days. Reporter Andy Ngo has documented the terrorist group’s crimes, exposing them deploying laser devices in the direction of a police headquarters building to blind law enforcement.

“We are doing disservice to peaceful lawful protestors when we call these individuals protestors. They’re not. They’re criminal thugs with an agenda.

The Department of Justice is expected to announce criminal charges against the alleged bomb-wielding terrorist on Sunday, naming the criminal suspect.

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