January Had Record-Breaking Sales for Firearms

Don’t expect Americans to stop buying guns anytime soon. According to Dean Weingarten of AmmoLand, a record number of National Instant Background Check System (NICS) were conducted in January. This represents the highest number of checks conducted in one month since the system was set up in 1998. The second highest month was December 2020, which had 3,937,068 checks.

Last year’s BLM unrest and the reality of an anti-gun Democrat trifecta at the federal level has motivated millions of Americans to get strapped. In addition, soft-on-crime policies like those being proposed in cities such as Los Angeles is making people recognize the importance of arming themselves.

Despite the constant anti-gun bias in schools, media, and general culture, regular Americans do not fall for anti-gun disinformation. Their purchasing behavior says it all. Take this trend in mind, nationalists would be well-served by having candidates run on strong pro-Second Amendment platforms and getting involved in popular fights such as Constitutional Carry.

The Second Amendment is alive and well in 2021, and nationalists would be wise to use it as a way to galvanize voters and attack the political establishment.

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