Jared Kushner is Disappointed Europe Is Not Taking In Palestinian Refugees

Jared Kushner is disappointed that European nations are not taking in Palestinian refugees that have been pushed out of their homes owing to Israel’s punitive campaign against Gaza. 

The son-in-law and former senior foreign policy adviser to former President Donald Trump recently made several startling remarks about the present situation in Gaza during a conversation with Professor Tarek Masoud, Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative faculty chair.

“Gaza’s waterfront property could be very valuable … if people would focus on building up livelihoods,” Kushner said to Masoud.

“It’s a little bit of an unfortunate situation there, but from Israel’s perspective I would do my best to move the people out and then clean it up,” he continued. Kushner’s language hinted at ethnic cleansing here.

On top of that, Kushner said Israel should “bulldoze something in the Negev” to give the Israeli military forces operating space so that they “can go in and finish the job.”

Europe has been pounded by mass migration from the Middle East for well over a decade. Despite that, Kushner still believes these countries can do more to provide refuge to the Palestinians. 

“In Syria, when there was refugees, Turkey took them, Europe took them, Jordan took them, for whatever reason here in Gaza … it’s unfortunate that nobody’s taking the refugees,” he stated.

Kushner admitted that Israel possibly wouldn’t allow Gazans return to the region after they were kicked out of their homes, noting, “I am not sure there is much left of Gaza at this point.”

Several pundits such as Hisham Khreisat have argued that the “hidden objective” of the US government’s construction of a seaport in Gaza is to expedite the mass migration of Palestinians to the Old Continent.

“This military tactical port will receive Israeli approval because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been seeking this idea since the beginning of the war, aiming for the voluntary displacement of Gazans and their flee to Europe,” Khreisat said to Anadolu Agency.

According to Modernity, a leaked Israeli intelligence document showcased an Israeli plan to kick out 2.2 million Palestinian refugees and dump them in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

The document was put forward by Israel’s Intelligence Ministry, which revealed that one of the aims of the war in Gaza was to urge Western nations to expedite the “absorption and settlement” of Gazan refugees.

In December 2023, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed similar sentiments when he said that he was in search for western countries to “absorb” large quantities of Palestinian refugees brought about by Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

“Our problem is countries that are ready to absorb them and we are working on it,” Netanyahu stated.

Indeed, the Israelis want to get rid of the Palestinians owing to how they’re a perennial headache for them, as many Palestinian militants firmly view the Israelis as occupiers. For Israel, dumping Palestinians, especially military age males, on Western nations would be ideal. 

For the West, this is unacceptable. Not only should Western nations reject these migrants, they should stop providing military aid to Israel and blindly attaching themselves to Israel’s controversial geopolitical actions.

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