Javier Milei’s Example Should Be Followed by Conservatives

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In September, recently liberated former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed an unlikely political upstart, Javier Milei of Argentina, who is on the cusp of doing what was previously believed to be impossible – winning a national election as a Libertarian Party member.

Polls show Milei neck-in-neck with the ruling party’s presidential candidate after making it into the runoff election last month. Milei’s combative cable news appearances and unwillingness to back down from confrontation has resulted in an impressive cult of personality developing around the non-traditional political figure. In a nation besieged by widespread corruption, the people believe that Milei, a mortal enemy of the central banks and political class, is the only man they can trust.

“Never embrace the ideals of socialism. Never allow yourselves to be seduced by the siren song of social justice. Don’t get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is a need there is a right,” Milei told Carlson, adding that a  “cultural war” must be waged.

“Since they try to leech off others, without working, they are tireless in their pursuit. Their leitmotif in life is to live off of others. So they never give up on this mechanism to gain control of others’ wealth, money, or income. So this battle must be waged unceasingly. We cannot take a day off, because when we rest, socialism creeps in,” Milei said.

Milei, a self-described “anarcho capitalist,” espouses views that are well outside of the political mainstream in Argentina or any country for that matter. His end game is to privatize all aspects of government, eliminate the social safety net, and put all people at the mercy of the individual hand of the marketplace. Even though he calls for gradualism, Milei never runs from his unconventional views and defends them with fervor.

Milei will certainly earn millions of votes from Argentines who disagree with his positions, some even vehemently so. Conventional wisdom would suggest that Milei’s opponents would have the distinct advantage, but under the present circumstances, the public demands a credible avatar to voice their righteous anger above all else.

Unlike many conservatives and libertarians, Milei does not believe that the Left is merely misinformed. He does not typically preach the non-aggression principle on the campaign trail, although he assuredly believes in this traditionally libertarian axiom as the optimal state to establish a functional and prosperous society. Milei does not let his high-minded principles blind him from the reality of the seriousness of our times. He fully understands that the West is at war, and if the Left is not crushed, there will be no economic, social, or personal liberty for generations to come.

Conservatives and libertarians are often too skittish to give a full-throated denunciation of the leftist threat. They follow opinion polls, nurture their opinions in focus groups like a petri dish, and are careful not to say anything that may offend any demographic. While this may appear to be a winning strategy on paper, the saccharine dialogue produced through these methods motivates no voter, inspires no popular movement, and does nothing but keep the status quo in place for the elites whom it serves.

Milei is on the cusp of becoming the most successful libertarian in political history because his formula is as much about style as it is about substance. Milei’s panache, his bombast, his media savvy, and cut-throat willingness to seize the moment are what makes him a noteworthy leader. He has embraced his natural eccentricities to create an authenticity that none of his rivals can match. Although their respective ideologies certainly differ, Milei is perhaps the most Trump-like leader currently on the rise on the world stage.

Conservatives and libertarians must realize that no matter how correct they may be on the issues, no matter how rational their line of thinking, or no matter how much research they put into their policy prescriptions that they will lose, and deserve to lose, unless they adopt the style of a Trump or a Milei. It is not enough to be sound politically, economically, or culturally. Leadership must inspire the people to carry the torch to preserve their civilization no matter the cost. Boring speeches about the technical specifics of free markets and moralistic church lady screeds about the sanctity of life are not going to suffice.

That is not to say that free market economics or pro-life advocacy cannot be part of a winning platform. Milei has demonstrated how this can be the case, advocating for radical libertarianism while also calling for the state to ban abortions. But personalities matter. For too long, conservatives and libertarians have ignored human psychology when playing politics. They have falsely assumed that voters are logical actors when nothing could be further from the truth. The people want their emotions to be stirred, they want vigor from their elected officials, and most of all they want political leaders who can deliver change.

The problems currently underway in Argentina are soon to follow in the U.S. and the rest of the West. Argentina has inflation levels surpassing 100 percent and are on the brink of hyperinflation after listening to the neoliberal bankster elites whose advice has only hastened crisis and disorder. From this crisis and disorder will come opportunity for the political Right in all countries, opening the door for a true realignment that could put an end to modern globalism. It will only be achieved if conservative leaders follow in the footsteps of Trump or Milei with bold rhetoric demonizing the interests at fault for national despair.

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