Jeb Bush Takes Advantage of the Olympic Games to Push for Mass Migration

The American ruling class is obsessed with mass migration. No questions asked.

Failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush is par excellence when it comes to pushing for increasing immigration at every opportunity possible.

On August 3, 2021, Bush showed us yet again why he’s a total immigration sell-out.

Bush used the current Olympic games to try to justify even more immigration. He tweeted,  “I wonder how our medal totals would be if we had an exclusionary immigration system which we have had for the last few years. My heart swells for all of our medalists, including those whose families have come from far off lands to love our country.”

In all honesty, Bush’s comments lack perspective. Even when the US had an immigration moratorium from 1924 to 1965, it still held its own as one of the countries that produced the highest number of medal recipients compared to its rivals.

China, which is over 90% Han, is another country that is an Olympic powerhouse but does not rely on immigration to reach such heights. 

At some point we have to acknowledge that vapid political talking points do little to explain why countries dominate in certain facets of human activity. The US has had a strong sports culture and has among the best training facilities and coaches in the world. These factors allow it to produce a strong indigenous athlete base.

While immigrants can play a role in bolstering the US Olympic team, they are by no means the reason the US usually dominates these games.

Fundamentally speaking, a country is more than just a hub of sports activity. It’s a place for a specific set of people. Boosting immigration for the sake of maintaining high level athletic performance operates on the same logic as boosting immigration for the sake of growing the GDP.

America needs leaders who go beyond the numbers and will stand up for the Historic American Nation. Jeb Bush and his ilk represent an older order who fight for globalism and other policies that undermine the character of this great nation.

It’s time the GOP ditches these people for good and move towards nationalism.

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