Jeff Goldblum Attacked by LGBT Community for Pointing Out How Islam is Anti-Gay and Anti-Woman

Hollywood legend Jeff Goldblum is being attacked by the LGBT community because he pointed out how Islam is discriminatory toward women and gays on a popular TV show.

Goldblum was guest judging on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race on the VH1 Network recently when contestant Jackie Cox showed up in a bedazzled hijab and caftan made to resemble the American flag. He had to point out the hypocrisy of such a gratuitous display, considering how Islamic nations are governed throughout the world.

“Isn’t this an interesting wrinkle, though,” he said. “Is there something in this religion that is anti-homosexuality and anti-woman? Does that complicate the issue? I’m just raising it and thinking out loud and maybe being stupid.”

Cox fired back that she can be an American and a Muslim, and she was wearing the clothes to thumb her nose at President Donald Trump for wanting to make the U.S. safe from third-world invaders.

“You can be Middle Eastern, you can be Muslim, and you can still be American,” the drag queen retorted to Goldblum.

“When the Muslim ban happened, it really destroyed a lot of my faith in this country. It really hurt my family. And that’s so wrong to me,” Cox added, beginning to cry. “And I had to show America that you can be LGBT and from the Middle East, and there’s gonna be complicated shit around that, and that’s okay. But I’m here, and I deserve to be in America just as much as anyone else.”

The clip can be seen in its entirety here:

Goldblum’s honest comment has caused him to become a pinata for the LGBT agenda and radical Islamists. They are taking him to task for asking a completely legitimate question, as truth is no longer allowed in the age of political correctness.

“I don’t watch this show but I keep seeing this clip, and it’s Islamophobic and dangerous. Period,” writer Khalid El Khatib tweeted in response to Goldblum’s comments. “Islam, like ALL religions, has significant progress to do in embracing intersectionality. But at its core, it’s a religion of tolerance.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t difficult to be a LGTBQ people in a predominantly Muslim country or household. It almost universally is,” El Khatib added. “But the way we make it better for them is not some B-list celebrity espousing hate on a problematic fracker’s show that tons of gay people watch.”

“I really don’t need to see the islamophobic Jeff Goldblum clip on the second day of Ramadan so please stop sharing it and remember: if you bring up homophobia and sexism every time someone mentions Islam but not Christianity you’re racist. That’s it. You are,” wrote designer and artist @dirtbagboyfren in a tweet.

“Jeff Goldblum felt the need to say ‘but isn’t Islam anti-gay and anti-woman’ to Jackie because she was wearing a stars-and-stripes hijab, as if America hasn’t been anti-gay and anti-woman from the outset, or killed and displaced millions of Muslims, including women and queers,” wrote poet Omar Sakr in a tweet.

Goldblum is learning that candor is not appreciated by the tolerant Left. Even slight deviations from the liberal dogma can be punished harshly by the mob of jackals enforcing blind conformity.

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