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Jeff Sessions Breaks Down the Differences Between America First Nationalism and Neoconservative, Libertarian Ideologies

Sessions has a lengthy America First track record.



Former U.S Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke down his case for the America First vision during an interview with the American Conservative’s Arthur Bloom, contrasting a nationalist vision with the ideologies promoted by libertarian and neoconservative pundits and legislators. Sessions is currently campaigning to return to the Senate as Alabama’s Senator, a position he held for two decades.

Aren’t our fundamental goals to make our American people stable, and happy? Our borders, families, tradition and culture have got to be defended. This ideological view that we’re not a nation, we’re an idea- somehow our constitution is supposed to apply worldwide, which is ridiculous- we have borders which we have a right to defend, and create and establish good and healthy conditions for our country- not just for the billionaires. Wages have to go up for working people.

Sessions has gathered a following of America First patriots for his consistent and often lone pro-American track record as a Senator, having single-handedly stopped at least two major federal amnesty attempts and staking out what is in all likelihood the strongest conservative track record for any Senator or congressman.

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Sessions’ potential return to the Senate could serve as a crucial reminder to the Republican Party of the America First vision that President Donald Trump ran on in 2016, a vital message in a political climate in which libertarian and neoconservative ideologues try to revise history and pidgeonhole the President into support of a tired platform that advocates for free markets, wars in the middle east, mass immigration, and the outsourcing of American industry for the profit of major billionaire oligarchs.


WATCH: McCloskeys Hand Postcard of St. Louis Standoff to BLM Activist Harassing Them




The couple that was harassed by Black Lives Matter rioters in an armed standoff at their Saint Louis home handed a BLM activist a postcard of them from the event.

The harasser chants “Abolish the Suburbs” in a repetitive fashion. It seems to escape her that the McCloskeys don’t even live in a suburb, and that their residence is well within the confines of urban Saint Louis.

The McCloskeys were actually picking up some postcards that document their standoff with trespassing rioters from a print shop when they were assailed by the loud individual. Check them out, they’re pretty cool.

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Mark McCloskey actually handed off a copy of the postcard on the left to the belligerent woman chanting platitudes at them!

Many conservative patriots and gun rights supporters are surely hoping that they’ll manage to find a way onto the McCloskey’s Christmas mailing lists, as these signed postcards will likely become a collector’s item.

The McCloskeys are still facing a sham prosecution from a Soros-funded Democrat city prosecutor who has consistently refused to charge criminal rioters for acts of property destruction and violence committed during Black Lives Matter rioters. They’ve declined to back down and accept a plea deal, and new revelations of the charges filed against them show a pattern of serious misconduct and politically charged decisions on the part of Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner.

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