Jeff Sessions Destroys Comey ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Narrative


What have we learned from the Jeff Sessions testimony?

There was no collusion between Jeff Sessions and the Russians.

Most importantly, he outlined under oath why James Comey was fired.

“Feinstein: “Do you really believe he was fired for cause?”

Sessions: “It was my best judgement that a fresh start was needed at the FBI.”


“Rosenstein’s letter dealt with a number of things. When Comey declined the Clinton prosecution, this was a usurpation of the authority of the DOJ. A stunning development. The FBI is the investigative team, they don’t decide prosecution policies,” Sessions said.

“He also commented at some length on the declination of the Clinton prosecution, which he should not do. Policies are set. If you decline, you decline, you don’t talk about it,” Sessions said.

When questioned about the meeting with Comey where Trump asked everyone to leave the room, Sessions also provided a clear, concise answer.

Sessions: “There is no prohibition against one on one speaking with the President. Comey has done it a half dozen times in the past, with President Obama.”

“He could have complained to me or the deputy at any time.  He did not.  Nor do I suspect that he would cave under any sort of pressure,” Sessions said.

Senate Intelligence Committee vice chairman Mark Warner was very concerned that Jeff Sessions *may* have been in a VIP reception with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, without disclosing it.  Why is it a problem to speak to the Russian Ambassador during a VIP reception?  Why must every Republican mentally track every conversation they have ever had with a Russian?  Because we are living in a Neo McCarthy era where Democrats are searching high and low for a crime.  They have co-conspirators, The Russians.  No specific crime, just that ‘The election was hacked’.

Sometime Macedonian trolls are blamed.  Now we see that voter registration databases were accessed.  Perhaps if the NSA under Barack Hussein Obama spent more time on national security and less time spying on every American via PRISM, our systems would be secure.

Feinstein, Warner and the other Democrats tried their best to paint Russian spies at every doorstep.  It failed.

Instead we have Jeff Sessions, a stalwart alpha male, in stark contrast to the betas and sheep of The Hill, stating clearly and directly that there was absolutely no collusion.

The conversation between Senator Wyden of Oregon and Jeff Sessions was a treat. Wyden tried to portray Sessions as “Stonewalling,” to which Sessions replied, “I was following the historic policies of the Department of Justice.  You don’t walk into any committee meeting and reveal conversations with the POTUS, who is entitled to receive confidentiality. I will push back on your accusation of stonewalling.”

“Secondly, perhaps he didn’t know, but I basically recused myself the first day I got into office.  I never accessed file, never asked for any documentation, what little I received was already in the media,” Sessions said.

Wyden: “Respectfully, you are not answering the question.

Sessions: “What is the question?”

Wyden: “The question is Comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal which were problematic and he could not talk about them.  What are they?”

Sessions: “Why don’t you tell me Senator Wyden?  There are none.  I can tell you that for absolute certainty.  This is a secret innuendo being leaked about me, and I’m trying to do my best to give truthful answers in any committee I have appeared before and it’s really a suggestion through innuendo that I have not been honest about matters.”

Wyden: “Why did you sign the memo when it violated your recusal?”

Sessions: “It did not violate my recusal.  The letter that I signed represented my views that had been formulated for some time.”

Wyden then went on to grandstand about how this answer did not pass his “smell test” because of various tweets.

We have seen Jeff Sessions, a man of integrity speak.  The truth was heard and recognized by those that chose to listen.

The “Russian narrative” is fiction. Written to distract Democrat voters from the fact that the DNC was corrupted by the Clintons, who ran the “worst campaign in modern history.”

There was no collusion between Trump and Russia. There is only a witch hunt.

Then we heard much bluster from Sen. Heinrich who tried to get Sessions to reveal private conversations with President Trump, to no avail.

Heinrich tried to blame Comey’s firing soley on “The Russian Narrative”.

Then came the facts.

Sessions:  “On May 3rd Comey testified that he agreed with his handling of the Clinton matter.  His declination to prosecute.  Something that most professionals in the Department of Justice disagreed with. That the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation does not decline criminal cases. Pretty breathtaking usurpation of the responsibility of the AG.  That’s how we felt. We had concern that someone heading the FBI had boldly asserted the right to continue these decisions.  That is what we discussed.  It was in the memorandum.”

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