Jennifer Rubin Calls for “Dynamic, Eloquent African American” to Succeed Northam as Virginia Governor

Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s fake conservative columnist, expressed her desire to see Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax replace disgraced Governor Ralph Northam in a strangely worded tweet on Friday.

Rubin’s description of Fairfax as a “dynamic and eloquent” African American seems worded as if she viewed those characteristics as unconventional for an African American. The tweet is reminiscent of Harry Reid’s description of Obama in 2008 as lacking a “Negro dialect” and being “light skinned” in reference to his perceived electability.

Just a strange thing to tweet, honestly. If you aren’t embarrassed to be referring to elected officials as “dynamic and eloquent,” in the first place, it should be fine to say so without referencing their race in the same context, as if it’s relevant to their perceived eloquence.

Rubin is a progressive blogger who until recently sought to pass herself off as a “conservative,” receiving vocal pushback for her false self-characterization from various stripes of conservatives and Republicans- who rejected the application of “conservative” to a known establishment media liberal who agrees to a fault with policies and ideology of progressive Democrats.

Recently, she gave up on trying to present herself as a conservative, first changing her byline on the Washington Post to “center-right” before scrapping an ideological identification entirely.

In any case, it appears increasingly likely that Rubin will be granted her wish of seeing Lieutenant Governor Fairfax moving to the Governor’s office. After Big League Politics exposed a medical school yearbook in which Governor Northam posed in either a Klan robe or blackface(he claims not to remember which one), the Democrat Governor is facing an increasingly vocal set of voices calling for his resignation.


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