Neocon Hack John Podhoretz Calls Congressman Thomas Massie “Anti-Semitic Filth” For Opposing US Military Aid to Israel

On February 4, 2024, neoconservative pundit John Podhoretz called Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie a “piece of anti-Semitic filth” for announcing his opposition to doling out over $14 billion in taxpayer dollars to Israel.

“The Speaker just announced that next week the House will vote on a clean bill to send Israel $14.3 billion,” Massie declared on February 3 on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter. “Israel has a lower debt to GDP ratio than the United States. This spending package has no offsets, so it will increase our debt by $14.3 billion plus interest. I’m a No.”

“Most of this money will go directly to the U.S. Military Industrial Complex (MIC), which, if you’re keeping up, prefers to be referred to as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) now. Watch for those stocks to go up Monday,” Massie continued.

“One clarification: the bill will spend over $17 billion, but some goes to replace weapons we’ve given to Israel, and some goes for other random costs in the Middle East,” the Kentucky Congressman continued sounding off. “In addition to this $17+ billion bill, we will probably give them the customary $3+ billion in the omnibus!”

“Of course you’re a no, you disingenuous piece of anti-Semitic filth,” Podhoretz replied.

“So now if I don’t vote for massive foreign aid that goes primarily to the military industrial complex, I’m anti-Semitic filth?” Massie defended himself. “Your unfounded slurs will not change my vote because America is broke and my constituents can afford no more.”

At this point, any opposition to Israel will be labeled as anti-Semitic. Let’s face it, Zionist fanatics don’t like debate because they know their defense of Israel is flimsy at best.

The proliferation of social media and the rise of an alternative media ecosystem has allowed for countless creators to expose Israel and its subversive schemes that undermine American interests such as mass espionage or efforts to get the US involved in geopolitical quagmires in the Middle East.

Now, there are members of the American political class like Massie who are not down with the pro-Zionist uniparty that dominates the DC Swamp.

This makes the Israel First crowd infuriated and let’s hope that Massie continues making these parasites squirm.

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