Organization Receives $105 Million of United States Taxpayer Dollars to Import Large Amounts of Non-White Immigrants

According to research from identitarian media company Red Ice, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society received $105 million in United States taxpayer dollars alone. 

In a post that the Red Ice published on Telegram on January 23, 2024, they stated the following: 

“HIAS received $105 million of US tax payer money …in 2023 alone. This is how they are funding the invasion that is turning European-American children into a minority in their own country.”

HIAS is a Jewish American non-profit organization that offers humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees worldwide. The organization was first founded on November 27, 1881 with the original goal of helping resettle large numbers of Russian Jewish immigrants to the United States who had fled the Old Continent to escape  anti-Semitic persecution and violence. 

Since then, HIAS has broadened its mission to help out refugees of all ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds. HIAS has offices in Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the US. From the time of its founding up until the present, HIAS has resettled over 4.5 million people worldwide. 

HIAS is just one of many globalist NGOs that labors diligently to expedite the Great Replacement and the election of a new people. In a proper nationalist polity, such NGOs must have their power and influence greatly reduced. There very presence allows for the political class to continue to import millions of foreigners to the West and predominantly European polities on an annual basis.

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