Jim Carrey Depicts Alabama Governor as Aborted Fetus in Vile Art

In the latest of a series of profane and obscene drawings, B-List actor Jim Carrey depicted Alabama Governor Kay Ivey as an aborted fetus in a Saturday tweet.

The 1990’s actor was upset over Alabama’s groundbreaking new abortion law, which would prohibit most abortions in the state. He captioned his painstaking work of art with a message making clear his contempt for the governor.

“I think If you’re going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama.”

Carrey has outed himself as a visceral and no-holds-barred progressive in recent months, releasing a series of drawings online that range from depicting someone urinating on Donald Trump’s grave to the idea of Attorney General Bill Barr defecating on the Mueller Report.

Carrey’s the worst kind of political progressive who puts any semblance of decency and adult behavior to the wayside in the pursuit of his political goals, that much is clear. But his shocking depiction of Ivey- who appears to be the victim of a late-term abortion in Carrey’s drawing- shows just how far the left is willing to go in enshrining abortion not as merely a legal right, but something approaching a sacrament.

Abortion is something to be celebrated and openly encouraged in Carrey’s view, judging from his callous approach to using it as a tool of humor. No longer can it be merely “safe, legal and rare-” it should be applied to whomever progressives like Carrey deem to be a political opponent.

Those who had followed Carrey, perhaps familiar with his appearances in light-hearted comedies like ‘Dumb and Dumber,” expressed their disgust with his pivot into obscene and violent political “art.”

As of Saturday night Carrey’s account remains present on Twitter, despite his depiction of graphic violence towards an elected official- a violation of the site’s rules nominally making Carrey subject to a permanent suspension. Big League Politics continues to monitor the situation.

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