Jim Jordan Calls on Justice Department to Provide Big Tech Documents

On February 8, 2023, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan called on the Department of Justice to provide copies of documents produced in a lawsuit that Louisiana and Missouri recently filed against the Biden regime. 

In this lawsuit, the plaintiffs alleged that the federal government put pressure on social media companies to censor several viewpoints. 

Dan Frieth of Reclaim the Net posted a copy of the letter here.

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs got their hands on documents that exposed communications between government officials and social media companies’ employees, Jordan called attention to in a letter to the DOJ. Jordan added that the documents revealed how the government “repeatedly pressured” social media companies to engage in censorship against various right-wing viewpoints. 

“The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of the Executive Branch’s efforts to sidestep the First Amendment by coercing and coordinating with private companies, including social media platforms, to suppress free speech and censor content online,” Jordan stated.

“As part of our oversight, we write to request a discrete set of documents and information that the Department of Justice has produced as part of discovery in federal litigation over the same subject matter.”

The DOJ has two weeks to respond to the House Judiciary Committee’s letter. 

This letter was sent on the same day House Oversight Committee grilled three former Twitter executives about Twitter’s move to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story. The employees said that the suppression of  the story was a mistake but denied claims that government officials put pressure on them to do so. 

Who knows what will happen with regards to the question of Big Tech/FBI collusion. It’s good that elected officials are raising awareness about this issue. The FBI is an unholy/unconstitutional agency that must be scrapped. 

Obviously, such a feat can’t happen overnight. So moves to hold these agencies are a good first step. However, elected officials must go above and beyond by calling for the abolition of the FBI. If Republicans are seriously promoting limited government, they must make the abolition of the FBI an integral part of their political platform.

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