Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump Supporters Stupid Meth Heads

Friday night, a political operative disguised as a bad comedian read scripted lines written by Hollywood elites on his late night “comedy” show that encapsulate perfectly the disdain for ordinary people harbored by coast-dwelling liberals.

“The president might not need Mexico or Congress to pay for the wall at all, because there’s some very dopey people ready to pay for it themselves,” said Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“This Trump supporter, Brian Kolfage, started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion for the wall. He launched it on Sunday, it’s already up to almost $9 million. This is what people do with their disposable income when they don’t have loans from college to pay off,” he said.

In the worldview of the media elite, Trump supporters are too stupid to attend overpriced daycare facilities for leftist indoctrination, sometimes called “universities.” Why would anyone not want to cripple themselves financially for life to be taught by the liberal intelligentsia that biology doesn’t exist and there are more than two genders?

But, I digress.

Not only, according to Kimmel’s writers, are Trump supporters uneducated, they are also addicted to methamphetamines. That’s right – all 63 million, or at least the 100,000 plus who donated to the GoFundMe.

“It’s a waste — a more useful thing to do with your money would be to go outside and feed it to a bird. But, you do have to admire the sacrifice they’re making — I mean, a lot of these people are dipping into their meth money for this,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel is referring to the same meth that flows over the unguarded southern border with impunity while at the same time suggesting that one must take such drugs to vote for Trump, who Kimmel believes is the anti-Christ (or at least pretends to believe it for a fat paycheck).

There’s some conflict in Kimmel’s “logic.” Does he prefer the meth that led us to electing the “anti-Christ”? Or does he prefer a wall (proposed by the “anti-Christ”) that would stop the flow of the meth? Kimmel likely has not thought this through.

Just another day in Hollywood!

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