JK Rowling Blasted by Disabled Child’s Mother for Using Him as a Prop to Peddle Fake News

Screenshot via Twitter/@jackposobiec

The mother of a 3-year-old disabled boy featured in a video used by JK Rowling to attack President Donald Trump is striking back at the Harry Potter author for spreading lies about her son’s encounter at the White House.

In a series of tweets responding to a video in a now-deleted tweet by another user, Rowling claimed that Trump had snubbed the young boy when he attempted to shake the president’s hand. She used this to launch a full-scale viral attack on the president, painting him as a monster who could star in one of her fictional stories for ignoring the child. Appropriate, since her claims about the encounter were also just that, fictional.

In the tweet storm, Rowling wrote that Trump “imitated a disabled reporter. Now he pretends not to see a child in a wheelchair, as though frightened he might catch his condition. This monster of narcissism values only himself and his pale reflections. The disabled, minorities, transgender people, the poor, women (unless related to him by ties of blood, and therefore his creations) are treated with contempt, because they do not resemble Trump. My mother used a wheelchair. I witnessed people uncomfortable around her disability, but if they had a shred of decency they got over it. So, yes, that clip of Trump looking deliberately over a disabled child’s head, ignoring his outstretched hand, has touched me on the raw. That man occupies the most powerful office in the free world and his daily outrages against civilised norms are having a corrosive effect. How stunning, and how horrible, that Trump cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the President.”



What Rowling left out of her tirade, was the fact that the child was the first person greeted by Trump when he entered the room.


The toddler was also not attempting to shake his hand at the end of the event. He is 3-years-old and was simply showing the president a badge he had been given by the Secret Service.Rowling may write stories for children, but it almost seems as if she has never met one. Handshakes are hardly at the top of any 3-year-old’s to-do list.

The mother of the adorable child, Majorie Kelly Weer, outraged by the use of her son’s image to peddle false claims about the president, took to Facebook to send a message to the fiction writer.


Even the most mainstream Trump-haters at CNN have began calling Rowling out for her refusal to remove the viral, and false, rant.


Rowling also failed to mention the fact that the First Lady gave the toddler special attention, meeting with him and wishing him a happy birthday.


Perhaps Rowling should take a break from writing fiction on Twitter and go back to writing fantasies about wizard children. It would be far less offensive than her use of real-world children to peddle her fantasies about American politics.

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