Jobs Report Shows Booming Employment: Dems Call Growth ‘Reckless’

Democrat leaders are continuing their hysteria after the June jobs report once again showed record-breaking numbers.

“With slow wage growth, rising health care premiums, and skyrocketing gas prices across the country, Donald Trump’s reckless policies are hurting millions of hardworking families,” said DNC Chair and former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

According to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 213,000 jobs were added in June. Overall, 155,576,000 people are now employed, which is the tenth record set by the Trump administration in that category. More than 27,000,000 Hispanics were employed in June, and the group’s 4.6% unemployment rate was the lowest it has ever been.

All of this, according to Democrats, is “reckless.” Of course, they call it reckless because if Americans do not have to rely on the government to survive, then the Democrats have no worth or value as a party. This explains Perez’s panicked tone.

“This is all part of the Republican playbook,” he said. “For decades, Republicans and their wealthy corporate allies have been chipping away at workers’ rights, weakening unions, and depressing wages – all while giving massive tax cuts to the top 1%.”

According to the same BLS statistics, wages have actually increased 2.7%, or 72 cents per hour over the course of this year. Perez must have missed that statistic. It also stands to reason that the “top 1%” will indeed receive the bulk of the tax cuts, considering that they pay a bulk of the taxes. It is a simple mathematical truism, and yet another mind-numbingly stupid leftist talking point.

It looks like the Democrats have their playbook in order, too.

“The June #JobsReport shows what is at stake from the brewing storm of rising health costs, spiraling trade uncertainty & an economy being hollowed out to enrich big corporations & the wealthiest 1 percent,” tweeted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). “Americans deserve better than the GOP’s raw deal.”

By the “top 1 percent,” Pelosi was talking about herself. She has a net worth of $26.4 million on a $175,000 annual salary. She has been a member of the House for many years, but not enough years to amass that much wealth. Where did all her wealth come from?

As usual, coastal elite Democrats have forgotten about middle America. They cannot relate, and do not care to relate, to any of the 266,000 people who will now have a steady paycheck thanks to the emphasis that Trump has placed on jobs during his Presidency.



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