Joe Biden Already Preparing White House Transition Team

Joe Biden is already assembling a White House transition team, an unprecedented move for a presumptive major party candidate six months before the general election and before the party convention.

Biden confirmed he’s getting ready to transition into the presidency when speaking during a virtual fundraising event Thursday.

Sounds presumptuous… I don’t want to say we started thinking about it a month ago — we did — because that sounds like I was certain this was going to happen, that I would be the nominee. I don’t want it to sound like that, but it has to happen and that’s why the transition team is already being put together.

Perhaps the Democratic Party elder should be focusing on his campaign for the presidency as opposed to the practicalities of governing, considering the general election is going to be in six months.

However, there’s reason to believe staffing and personnel choices during a Biden presidency will be even more crucial than in other administrations. Biden has increasingly demonstrated what many are calling a decline in mental acuity, and some are speculating that his administration would be almost entirely run by his cabinet.

Biden claims he has “literally several hundred serious, serious players who have been held positions in every department in the federal government who have said, including some Republicans, who have said if you win, I want to come back. I’m ready to serve.”

The plan to roll out an early White House transition team could be an effort on the part of his campaign handlers to reassure the American public that a President Biden wouldn’t be the one running the show in the event of his victory in the November general election.

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