Joe Biden Calls for Civilian Disarmament Measures After Louisville Mass Shooting

On April 10, 2023, President Joe Biden urged congressional Republicans to pass gun control measures after a mass shooting that took place in Louisville, Kentucky. He described these measures as “long overdue.” A gunman killed 5 people in a downtown shooting at the Old National Bank. Police arrived at the scene and killed the gunman. 

“How many more Americans must die before Republicans in Congress will act to protect our communities?” the president responded to questions from the press. “It’s long past time that we require safe storage of firearms. Require background checks for all gun sales. Eliminate gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. We can and must do these things now.”

Biden alluded to legislative moves in Florida and North Carolina that he believes are “dangerous bills that make our schools, places of worship, and communities less safe.” The Biden regime also called out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a permitless carry bill into law. 

“It’s unconscionable, it’s reckless, and too many Americans are paying with their lives,” Biden declared.

A divided government makes the passage of gun control practically impossible at the federal level. However, the Biden regime is made up of staunch anti-Second Amendment fanatics. So they’ll be working overtime to enact gun control via executive action.

This regime is fundamentally hostile to the right to bear arms and will do what it takes to realize its anti-gun project. Should the Biden regime have its way, gun owners must respond with firm legal action and pass nullification measures that have state, county, and local governments not comply with the enforcement of these unconstitutional measures. 

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