SLEEPY: Joe Biden Campaign Team Pulls Joe from Daily Activities at 8:35AM, Months Before Election

Joe Biden’s press relations teams announced a “lid” to the traveling press pool at 8:34 EST on Saturday, surprising some observers with the announcement that the Democratic candidate would not make any public appearances on a Saturday merely seven weeks before the November presidential election.

Biden is taking it easy for the day at his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

After facing skepticism for the decision from some of the traveling press, a Biden campaign operative made it seem as if the off-day was some sort of calculated plan.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is holding a packed rally in North Carolina, preceded by White House meetings and pressers with reporters.

Biden has surprised even friendly corporate media reporters covering his campaign with his amount of ‘off-days,’ consistently declining to actively campaign for the Presidency as the nation approaches the election.

The former Vice President appeared later than he usually does in public Friday night, reading from a prepared statement mourning the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Perhaps the “late night” (it was only about 9PM local time) appearance in public derailed Biden’s plans for possible campaign stops the next day. It’s relatively unprecedented for a major party presidential candidate to simply decline to campaign seven weeks before an election in the modern era of campaigns and elections.

Biden doesn’t even really have the energy to campaign. How is he going to govern as President?

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