Joe Biden Continues to Lag With Hispanic Voters

Joe Biden’s struggles with Hispanic voters continue apace.

According to a Quinnipiac Poll, Biden’s approval rating with Hispanic Americans dropped to 24%.

This poll demonstrated that Biden’s approval rating with Americans continues to flounder at around 35%, with 56% disapproving of his performance.

As for Hispanics, the poll demonstrated that only 24% of them approve of the Biden regime, whereas roughly 60% disapprove. Approximately 18% indicated that they were unsure about Biden.

Compared to other racial groups, Hispanics are the group that least approve of Biden’s presidency. According to John Binder of Breitbart News, “White Americans only slightly disapprove more than Hispanic Americans of the job Biden is doing as president.”

Inflation is soaring in the US, the southern border is collapsing, and the country’s social fabric is fraying. Despite all of this, the DC Swamp is committed to fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Talk about being tone-deaf. The good news is that more Republicans are beginning to abandon Bush-era neoconservatism and other globalist permutations of conservatism that put America Last. That means less promotion of wars abroad and a stronger emphasis on immigration restriction and law & order. The populist shift of the GOP is what’s making the party look more attractive for Hispanics and other groups that have traditionally voted Democratic. 

Right-wing populism is the future no matter what the GOP pundit class and gatekeepers say. 

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