Joe Biden Gets Defensive, Admits “Defund the Police” Hurts Democrats in Heated Conference Call With Black Activists

Joe Biden sought to tone back policy and governing expectations of black activists in a leaked conference call published by the Intercept on Thursday. Biden admitted that widespread support for defunding the police had hurt the Democratic Party in the 2020 election, going so far as to state that Republican had “beat the hell” out of Democrats who oppose police.

That’s how they beat the living hell out of us across the country, saying that we’re talking about defunding the police.

Biden warned that militant rhetoric opposing police could jeopardize Democratic prospects in the upcoming Georgia Senate elections.

The 78-year old Biden appeared to take a defensive and even combative tone at times, a possible sign of things to come should the Democrat be inaugurated as President. He rejected requests that he make extreme use of executive orders, pointing to his supported policy of assault weapons ban, admitting he doesn’t have the authority to ban them without Congress.

I’m not going to exercise executive authority where it’s a question, where I can come along and say, ‘I can do away with assault weapons.’ There’s no executive authority to do away that. And no one has fought harder to get rid of assault weapons than me, me, but you can’t do it by executive order. We do that, next guy comes along and says, Well, guess what? By executive order, I guess everybody can have machine guns again. So we gotta be careful.”

Biden won the 2020 Democratic Party through a last-minute coordinated withdrawal of establishment candidates in order to block Bernie Sanders. Most of his voters were more enthusiastic about removing Donald Trump from office than electing Biden. He stands to become the least popular president among his own party in recent American history, and it’s very much possible that if inaugurated, his presidency will be derailed by Black Lives Matter militants who refuse to stop rioting and looting just because a corporate Democrat is in office.

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