Joe Biden Grudgingly Plans To Send $1 Billion in Military Aid to Israel

According to a report by The Hill, President Joe Biden is planning to send off an additional $1 billion of weapons to Israel. 

His regime will do as he is simultaneously holding up heavy bombs over concerns they could dish out massive civilian casualties in Gaza. 

This weapons package en route to Israel is expected to consist of artillery rounds, tank rounds, and tactical vehicles. 

The Biden regime is still holding up 3,500 bombs weighing 2,000 pounds and 500 pounds, which Biden believes could bring about massive harm to the city of Rafah in southern Gaza — a densely populated area. 

Thus far, Israeli forces have evacuated over 300,000 people from Rafah and is carrying out  limited operations in the city’s eastern section, where Israeli authorities assert that Hamas has stationed its remaining battalions.

Biden has previously issued threats to withhold offensive weapons if Israel launches a massive assault on the city.

Although the Biden regime has thrown its nominal support behind Israel’s military campaign against Hamas, which attacked southern Israel on October 7 and killed up to 1,200 individuals, it has voiced its concerns with the civilian death toll. 

Regardless, the Biden regime has grudgingly approved multiple lethal aid packages for Israel since the October 7 conflict kicked off, with it notably approving $26 billion for the Jewish state. 

The Biden regime’s penchant for criticizing the Netanyahu regime to later give in to its demands  is a “worst of both worlds” political approach that ends up alienating everyone across the political spectrum. 

A rational approach would be an America First strategy that cuts off all aid to Israel and Palestine, while letting these two actors settle this conflict among themselves. With so many problems at home and the US’s collapsing border with Mexico, the US government should not be spending any more time trying to get embroiled in a protracted ethno-sectarian struggle in the Middle East. 

For once, can the US’s ruling class put America First?

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