Joe Biden Opens the Floodgates to Migrants on the Public Dole

The Biden regime’s lackeys recently issued a new policy to boost the inflow and expedite the naturalization process of immigrants who are on the public dole.

As Neil Munro of Breitbart News observed, this new order scraps a reform former President Donald Trump established, in which the US government did not issue green cards and residency to migrants who fall under the “public charge” category because they could not make a living in the United States and would wind up on the dole.

“This action ensures fair and humane treatment of legal immigrants and their U.S. citizen family members,” proclaimed Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

“We will not penalize individuals for choosing to access the health benefits and other supplemental government services available to them,” Mayorkas continued.

Under the rule Trump enacted in 2020, migrants’ applications for green cards were rejected if they turned to welfare for over 12 months during a 36-month time window.

As Munro highlighted, the Trump order “helped to reduce the closed-door conversion of illegal immigrants into green card holders via the so-called ‘Adjustment of Status’ process. The rule was also used to restrict the arrival of older migrants who largely rely on federal medical care.”

“The [new] rule… will help ensure that noncitizens can access health-related benefits and other supplemental government services to which they are entitled by law, without triggering harmful immigration consequences,” the Department of Health and Human Services outlined in a statement that it released on September 8.

The statement added:

DHS will not penalize individuals who choose to access the vast majority of health-related benefits and other supplemental government services available to them, including most Medicaid benefits … and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) … food and nutrition assistance such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); disaster assistance received under the Stafford Act; pandemic assistance; benefits received via a tax credit or deduction … [Also] cash-based benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and other similar programs, will not automatically exclude an individual from admission or green card eligibility, and will instead be considered in a ‘totality of the circumstances’ analysis.

Since Biden was installed in office in 2021, the US admitted nearly 3 million additional migrants. Those numbers will continue swelling if Biden remains in office or if neocons in the Republican Party re-assume control of the party and take back the White House. As a result, Middle America will be on the hook for paying for illegal alien’s healthcare and other benefits.

It’s up to the America First nationalists to restore order at our border and create a migration framework that protects America’s workers and identity.  The future of America depends on how the Right handles immigration. One false move and America will disappear into the ether of civilizational decline.

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