Joe Biden Pledges Only to Deport Illegal Aliens Who Commit Felonies as President

Joe Biden is pledging only to deport illegal aliens who are convicted of felony crimes in the United States as President, creating a de facto deportation moratorium for the majority of illegal aliens who manage to avoid involvement with the US justice system.

He made the pledge on a Thursday interview with Univision, and the proposal is easily the most radical far-left immigration policy Biden has ever stood for. (9:30)

Biden made the pledge in conjunction with a promise to suspend all deportations from the United States within his first hundred days in office. He described the deportation moratorium for anyone except felons in distinct terms, suggesting that he would not deport anyone other than those convicted of felonies throughout his entire presidency.

There are going to be no deportations in the first 100 days of my [administration] … freeze deportations for the first 100 days and the only people who will be deported are people who committed a felony while here,” said the former Vice President. The policy would even seem to exempt recent illegal alien border crossers and visa overstayers from immigration enforcement, truly creating a de facto environment of open borders.

President Obama promoted the idea of only deporting felony criminals during his time in office, suggesting that immigration enforcement should ignore people who merely break American immigration law.

In the interview, Biden also pledges to provide a form of amnesty for the massive population of anywhere between 11 and 22 million illegal immigrants currently present in the United States, permanently destroying the integrity of American immigration law and providing and eventual path to citizenship for a massive population of people who have broken it.

Joe Biden’s immigration policy would fundamentally destroy the enforcement of existing American immigration law, and open up our borders as a free zone for whoever wishes to come from throughout the world.

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