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Campaign 2020

Joe Biden Wallops Bernie Sanders in Florida Primary

Biden is cruising to a big win in the delegate-rich state.



Joe Biden is handily defeating Bernie Sanders in the Florida Democratic Primary as of Tuesday night, taking over 60% of the popular vote in the state with more than half of results accounted for.

Biden had been expected to cruise to an easy win in the primary, in which an electorate with a large share of older and black voters are participating.

Illinois and Arizona are also voting today, after a controversy in which many concerned citizens called for the states to postpone their primaries to advert spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

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Concerns about the disease appear to have dampened turnout in Florida, where one Orlando-area source described a turnout of 20% of eligible voters coming out to vote.

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Florida has 248 delegates, the fourth-most of any state in the country.

The states declined to postpone the contests, and Democratic National Convention chair Tom Perez has warned that states that do postpone could face possible delegate ramifications at the convention. Apparently keeping things going as usual is of greater importance to the Democratic Party than concerns over the virus.

Polls have Biden leading safely in all three of the medium-to-large states to vote on Super Tuesday III. The former Vice President drew criticism by encouraging his supporters to turn out and vote for him in spite of the coronavirus epidemic.

If Bernie Sanders fails to win Arizona, it’s probably safe to say that the Democratic Primary is effectively over.

Campaign 2020

Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski Emerge as Republican Red Flags in Potential SCOTUS Confirmation

They say they’ll vote ‘No.’



Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have emerged as early ‘red flags’ in the push to appoint a new Supreme Court justice, with the latter two senators having spoken openly of their refusal to vote for a new justice in the runup to a presidential election. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on Friday, opening up a vacancy on the court.

Collins allegedly told a New York Times reporter that she wouldn’t vote for a new SCOTUS justice in ‘October’ earlier this month.

Murkowski told a reporter with Alaska Public Media that she wouldn’t vote for a new justice before the election, either.

Reports emerged on Friday night that Romney would decline to vote for a court confirmation as well, although they’re yet to be verified.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pledging to hold confirmation proceedings for a potential Trump Supreme Court nominee, suggesting that a nominee would receive a Senate floor vote before the election. He distinguished between the 2016 blocked nomination of Merrick Garland and the vacancy that arose from the death of Ginsberg, pointing out that a Republican President would be nominating a justice for confirmation through a Republican Senate.

It may be possible to confirm a new SCOTUS justice without the votes of the three-liberally inclined Senate Republicans, as a justice can be confirmed with 50 votes and a vice presidential tiebreaker. Other Republican Senators under the pressure of an ongoing campaign, such as Arizona’s Martha McSally, spoke in favor of the Senate having a floor vote on a tentative Trump administration SCOTUS nominee.

This could be the most heated Supreme Court confirmation process in history, and some the Senate Republican’s members have already confirmed they’re not standing with conservatives.

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