Joe Biden Would Nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court

Joe Biden pledged to nominate former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court during a campaign event in Iowa over the weekend.

Biden was asked if he would nominate Obama, to which he responded, “if he’d take it, yes.

The leading Democratic Presidential candidate went on to endorse a wholly revisionist interpretation of the constitution, stating that he would nominate judges who viewed it as a “living document.” He also said that he wanted the half of the judges serving on the Supreme Court to be women.

Only one former President has ever served on the Supreme Court. William Howard Taft served one term as President from 1909 to 1913, and was later nominated to the Supreme Court in 1921, serving until his death in 1930.

Nominating Obama would violate a general norm of American government, seeing as Taft is the only exception to an unwritten rule separating the executive and judicial branches.

As a Supreme Court Justice, Obama would almost certainly be a radical progressive, voting to further mandate abortion rights and to uphold strict gun restrictions. Obama would most likely also seek to impose judicial amnesties akin to his own 2014 attempt to shield millions of illegal immigrants from immigration law.

Biden’s generous offer to the former President may come as a bit surprising to some, considering that Obama has thus far declined to endorse his former Vice President’s campaign. Some have wondered if the non-endorsement represents a slight to Biden, with Obama preferring a more “diverse” candidate to old, white Biden.

It’s unclear if Biden will stick by his pledge to nominate Obama if the former President remains coolly detached from his presidential campaign.



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