John Bolton is Mad that Ron DeSantis is Not Gung-Ho About Waging War Against Russia

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered the reasonable, realist perspective that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict does not merit any further United States involvement, the neoconservative and superhawk wings of the Republican Party went bonkers. After the launch of Russia’s “special military operation” into Ukraine on February 24, 2023 these wings of the party consolidated to support waging a proxy war against Russia. For them, anyone who dared question such actions against Russia would be deemed a Putin apologist or agent of the Kremlin. Well it looks like DeSantis might be on the Russian government’s payroll.

Bolton said the following on Twitter on March 16, 2023:

I am disappointed by @GovRonDeSantis comments on Ukraine.  Whatever the political strategy was, I think that it was wrong and in terms of geopolitics it was badly wrong.  The conflict in Ukraine is of vital interest to the US and we deserve leaders who understand the importance of America’s global priorities.

Since Bolton was fired from his National Security Advisor position he went on to publish a book titled “The Room Where It Happened”, where he spilled respectable amounts of ink to denigrate his previous boss, former President Donald Trump. Bolton has subsequently appeared on corporate media outlets to bash Trump and continue his push for an interventionist foreign policy. BLP reported on Bolton’s concern about Trump potentially dismantling NATO in his second term. 

Bolton is a consummate hawk who views the entire globe as targets for regime change if certain countries act out of line. While there are questions about DeSantis’ commitment to foreign policy realism and restraint, having some like John Bolton call you out is a sign that you’re doing something right. Hopefully, DeSantis continues embracing restrained foreign policy beliefs. The easiest way he can do that is by bringing in people like Douglas Macgregor in advisory roles.

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