John Brennan’s Leak To Harry Reid Is Now Under Scrutiny

WASHINGTON — Former Obama administration CIA chief John Brennan is coming under scrutiny for a leak he made to Senator Harry Reid at a key moment in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the covert plot to attack and undermine President Donald Trump.

Brennan, in his role at the CIA, used James Comey’s fixer Peter Strzok at the FBI to carry out missions writing official memoranda stating that Vladimir Putin wanted Trump to win the election, but without confirming any collusion between Trump or Russians. Brennan also convened with foreign spies from a diverse coalition of nations during the compilation of Fusion GPS’ Christopher Steele dossier.

Here is a passage from George Neumayr, whom I used to edit at The American Spectator:

So until election day, the “working group at Langley” was trying to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign and wasn’t coming up with any. But Brennan didn’t want his efforts to go to waste, so he leaked to Senator Harry Reid the existence of the counterintelligence probe into the Trump campaign. He couldn’t leak any damning findings from that probe because there weren’t any. But he could inflict political damage by getting Reid to tell the press darkly of the probe’s existence. He also got Reid to write a public letter to Comey about the probe, which was designed to deepen the FBI’s reliance on Hillary’s paid dirt-digger, Christopher Steele. Reid, as a reliable Democratic hack in the tank for Hillary, went along with Brennan’s scheme, but he felt manipulated enough by Brennan that he complained to Corn and Isikoff about Brennan’s odd intensity — an “ulterior motive” that Reid sensed in Brennan.”

American Spectator passage ends

Harry Reid called for an investigation into the Trump campaign over its ties to Carter Page TWO DAYS after his conversation with John Brennan.

This is from the conservapedia timeline: 

  • 15 August. CIA Dir. John Brennan gives an unusual private briefing to Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid in which he told Reid the FBI should take the lead in an investigation of the Trump campaign because the FBI is the federal agency in charge of domestic intelligence and, unlike the CIA, can spy on U.S. citizens. Two days after Brennan’s special briefing, Reid sends a letter to FBI Dir. James Comey demanding he open an investigation targeting “individuals tied to Trump” to determine if they coordinated with the Russian government “to influence our election.” “The Trump campaign has employed a number of individuals with significant and disturbing ties to Russia and the Kremlin.” Reid alludes to Carter Page and repeats an unproven charge from the Hillary Clinton’s dossier that Page met with two Kremlin officials in Moscow in July 2016 to discuss removing U.S. sanctions on Russia. “Any such meetings should be investigated,” Reid asserted. Page has repeatedly denied the allegation under oath, swearing he never even met the Russian officials named in the dossier. Brennan is known to have given more than one briefing.[120]
  • FBI Russia investigator Peter Strzok texts Lisa Page:

    I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy [McCabe]’s office that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40…[121]

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